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Oct 29, 2022
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British-American Influencer Andrew Tate Converts To Islam: Islam Reflects My Beliefs About Personal Standards, Strength; In Modern Society, Both Parents Are Forced To Work So That The 'Matrix' Can Control The Youth; Feminism Makes Women Disrespect Men

#9899 | 02:34
Source: Online Platforms - "British Muslim podcaster Mohammad Hijab on YouTube"

Controversial British-American online influencer and former kickboxer Andrew Tate recently converted to Islam and discussed his conversion, views, and beliefs in an October 29, 2022 podcast with British Muslim podcaster Mohammad Hijab. Tate said that Islam reflects his beliefs about personal standards and self-reliance, and explained how Islamic theology is consistent with his belief in a strong and fear-inspiring God. Tate said that feminism has been used to sneak "insanity" into people's minds and to convince women to avoid having kids and to not respect their husbands.

Mohammad Hijab interjected that feminism is dangerous and serves the economic interests of elites in the West, and Tate agreed, adding that the elites are scared of him because he can make them lose money and interferes with their influence. He elaborated that in modern society, currencies are inflated and both parents are forced to work in order to prevent women from sharing their husbands' worldviews and in order to enable schools, the internet, and "the matrix" shape the future by controlling youth.

Andrew Tate: "Islam very closely reflects my personal beliefs. Through my personal life I've learned that if you don't have standards, and you're not a strong person who is prepared to defend his ideas you will be crushed.


"God, to me, is strong. God, to me, is something to be feared. God, to me, is someone people are afraid to mock.


"Feminism was about giving women the vote, right? Then they sneak in all this other insanity: let's not allow women to have kids, let's try and convince them not to. Let's convince women not to respect their man and make him feel like a man in his own household."


Mohammad Hijab: "There is a simple explanation, which is the economic interests of the West, there really is. And it is no coincidence that Second Wave feminism took off after World War II, when the infrastructure of these countries was damaged. They needed women in the workforce, so this was a convenient ideology, which has now taken a 'Frankenstein' form, and which has endangered women, endangered children, put women and children both in a very bad predicament.

"You're saying something opposite to this. They are saying: 'If this guy gets too popular, we're going to lose money."

Tate: "Oh, completely. And its not that you just lose money. I think it's more sinister than that. I think it's that they are going to lose influence, and influence is the number one thing they care about.

"The reason that they push feminism so hard, a lot of people understand this, is so that they can double the tax bracket. They want women to work so that they can double the taxes. But I think the other reason they did this, [which] a lot of people don't consider, is that in the modern world, the world you live in today, in the West, you don't raise your children.


"They want the woman at work, because if the woman is at home, she likely agrees with the world views of her man, and that means the children are being raised by the mother, and they are likely to adopt those world views.

"In the modern world, where they convince a woman to get a job, the man to get a job, they inflate the currencies so that nobody can exist any other way, because it's too expensive. The parents are out working all day. School and the internet and the 'matrix' raise their children.


"It's completely unfair for people of a certain ideology to come along and say that 'we must teach children my ideology regardless of what their parents believe in.' That's truly disgusting. Feminism and the whole idea of getting the mother out of the household and locking the children into these educational camps is the reason they wanted to do all this stuff. They want to control the youth — especially the youth — because children are the easiest to manipulate, to shape their future. And they're trying to shape the future of the children so they are very good at ignoring their own innate moralities, and also very good at ignoring their own lies."

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