December 23, 2019 Special Announcements No. 849

2019 Editor's Picks: Top MEMRI TV Clips From The Sermons By Imams In The West Project

December 23, 2019
Special Announcements No. 849

The following are selected MEMRI TV clips from The Sermons By Imams In The West Project in 2019, on a variety of topics.


#7640 – American Islamic Scholar Sheikh Yasir Qadhi Defends Antisemitic Comments: MEMRI Jumps On Any Preacher Who Quotes Hadith About The Trees And The Rocks, But The Killing Of Jews Is Prediction, Not Prescription; Muslims Cannot Be Antisemites

#7669 – Imam Mohamad Joban Of Redmond, WA: Allah Transformed Jews Into Despicable Apes And Pigs For Disobeying Him; A Baby Born In Malaysia With A Tail Is Their Descendant

#7194 – Children In Philadelphia Muslim Society: We Will Sacrifice Ourselves For Al-Aqsa; Will Chop Off Their Heads, Subject Them To Eternal Torture

#7284 – Quds Day Rally In Dearborn, Michigan: Israel Is A Cancer Behind All Oppression In The World; U.S. Government, Politicians Are Satanic Terrorists; Hamas, Hizbullah, IRGC Have Right To Resist

#7259 – Antisemitic Lecture By German Imam Said Abu Hafs: The Jews Are Miserly, Greedy, Enamored With Gold; They Are Arrogant, Take People's Money Unlawfully

#7027 – NY Cleric Abul Baraa Amreeki: Do Not Take Jews And Christians As Allies; FBI And Police Hire Informants In Mosques; Islam Forbids Spying For The Authorities; Some Scholars Say Punishable By Death

#7066 – Philadelphia Imam Abdelmohsen Abouhatab In A Series Of Antisemitic Sermons: The Jews Are The Vilest People, Control Propaganda And Media; Israeli PM Begin Slit Open Belly Of Pregnant Woman

#7121 – New Jersey Imam Baker Assaf: IDF Chief Rabbi Called To Rape Palestinian Women To Boost Soldier Morale; We Will Never Accept Homosexuality But Must Not Throw Gays Off Empire State Building

#6976 – Antisemitic Addresses By Pittsburgh Imam Na'eem Abdullah: Ashkenazi Jews Aren't Real Jews; Jews Run Everything Behind the Scenes; Some Jews Were Transformed Into Monkeys And Pigs; White Supremacy Has Co-Opted Judaism

#7607 – Against Backdrop Of Muslim Protests Against LGBT Education In The U.K., British Sheikh Asrar Rashid Says: This "Communist Brainwashing Program" Should Also Teach Children About STDs, Homosexuals' Incontinence On Order To Discourage Homosexuality

#7565 – Chicago Islamic Scholar Omar Baloch: Israel Arms And Trains ISIS, Uses It To DestabilizeThe Region, Advance Its Plans For "Greater Israel," Alienate Muslims From Concepts Of Jihad, Islamic State

#7534 – Canadian Imam Younus Kathrada: All Candidates In Upcoming Elections Are Evil, Filthy Non-Muslims Who Support Homosexuality, Zionism

#7521 – U.K. Cleric Abu Usamah At-Thahabi: I Support Chopping Off Hands Of Thieves, But Only In The Muslim World, Not Here

#7442 – Poem Recited In A Münster, Germany Shi'ite Mosque: We Have Pledged Allegiance To Khamenei; We Are Accused Of Terrorism And Are Proud Of It (Archival)

#7426 – Fairfax, VA Imam Shaker Elsayed: Arab Regimes Collaborate With Israel; We Must Remove Arab Governments By Any Means Possible

#7419 – In Morsi Eulogy, Canadian Imam Shaban Sherif Mady Calls Egyptian President Al-Sisi A "Dwarf" And A "Zionist Collaborator," Says Allah Will Punish Him And Send Someone To Avenge The Martyrs

#7407 – Friday Sermon By Copenhagen Imam Mundhir Abdallah: Every Single Muslim Leader Has Been Serving American And "Crusader" Interests

#7323 –San Francisco Friday Sermon By Dr. Khalid Siddiqi: Morsi Was Murdered By Zionist Agents Who Are Working For Satan

#7310 – English-Language Video Series About Islamic Caliphate: It Would Have Nuclear, Biological, Chemical Weapons To Deter Foreign Aggression; It Would Spread Islam, Shari'a Throughout The World (Archival)

#7309 – IUMS Sheikh Sameer Saeed To Cape Town Mosque Congregation: You Will Be The Muslim Army To Protect Jerusalem; We Will Fight The Jews And Christians In The End Times

#7241 – Michigan Islamic Center Holds Memorial Service For Shi'ites Executed By KSA: Saudi Arabia Is Behind Every Terrorist Attack In The World; Allah Willing, The Yemenis Will Occupy Saudi Arabia

#7192 – Detroit-Based Shi'ite Imam Hassan Qazwini: ISIS Run By Israel, Zionists In Order To Kill Muslims, Defame Islam; Israel Benefits From ISIS More Than Anyone (Archival)

#7148 – NY Cleric Muhammad Ibn Muneer: Muslims Should Hate Non-Muslims, Can Only Maintain Relations With Them To Call Them To Islam

#7093 – Cincinnati Imam Ismaeel Chartier Responds To NZ Massacre: An Eye For An Eye Leaves The Whole World Blind; Let Us Be The Ones Who Don't Seek Retribution

#7088 – Panel At Australian Mosque Following NZ Massacre: We Should Be Jealous Of The Victims; Who Would Think You Could Attain Martyrdom In Non-Muslim Country

#7081 – Islamic Education Center Of Houston Celebrates 40th Anniversary Of Islamic Revolution, Children's Choir: Khamenei Is Our Leader, We Are His Soldiers

#7062 – Canadian Imam Zafar Bangash: It Is Time To Pick Up The Stones, Stone Homosexuals To Death; Muslims Cannot Coexist With The Jews And The West (Archival)

#7002 – Detroit Shi'ite Imam Bassem Al-Sheraa: The Jews Prostituted Their Women, Killed Prophets, Employed Usury To Gain Power

#6994 – NJ-Based Imam Mateen Khan: Liberals Are Trying To Force Muslims To Adopt Liberalism And To Allow Them To Insult Muhammad; The Jews Convinced The Europeans To Hate The Arabs Instead Of Them

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