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Aug 04, 2019
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Against Backdrop of Muslim Protests against LGBT Education in the U.K., British Sheikh Asrar Rashid Says: This "Communist Brainwashing Program" Should Also Teach Children about STDs, Homosexuals’ Incontinence in Order to Discourage Homosexuality

#7607 | 04:29
Source: Online Platforms - "Ahl-us-Sunnah Wal Jama'ah YouTube channel"

British Sheikh Asrar Rashid said in a class that was uploaded to the Internet on August 3, 2019, that the LGBT movement is one of the signs of the end of days because it is a manifestation of people forgetting basic principles, like male-female relations. During the lecture, which took place against the backdrop of protests by the U.K.'s Muslim community against public school curricula that teach about same-sex relationships, Sheikh Rashid criticized the LGBT movement for having "concocted" over 70 different genders, and he said that Islam's prohibition of homosexual acts is not tantamount to hatred of homosexuals. Sheikh Rashid said that children who are confronted with education about LGBT issues in schools should vocally question what they are taught and that such questions should not be "blotted out in classrooms or treated in an Orwellian fashion." He said that the "Chinese-communist-Mao-Zedong-style brainwashing program" taught in schools should also teach children about the harms that can be caused by homosexual lifestyles in order to discourage such behaviors. Sheikh Rashid said, for example, that the schools should teach that men who engage in homosexual acts sometimes have to use "male Tampax" diapers at night to prevent their bowels from leaking. He also said that children should be taught about STDs. Sheikh Asrar Rashid, who is based in the Birmingham area, was born in the U.K. in 1983 and has reportedly studied in Syria and India. The video, which was titled "The New Age of Jahiliyah," was uploaded to the Ahl-us-Sunnah Wal Jama'ah YouTube channel. For more from Sheikh Asrar Rashid, see MEMRI TV Clip No. 6370.


Asrar Rashid: "...this is one description. That a person shall abandon those things known in religion by necessity, like this, initials that they have LGBT, which is 'Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals, Transsexuals,' and they also add 'Q' which is 'Queers.' They may add additional things, and the conflation of saying 'LGBT rights' and at the same time saying Islam is a homophobic religion. How, as Muslims, do we come to this tribulation?  Firstly, we make it clear that in our religion, homosexual acts and lesbian acts are impermissible for a Muslim to perform. How is this conflated with something which is known as homophobia? Homophobia is hatred of a person because of his actions, and these are two different things.


"Young children, when they are confronted by this issue in schools and college, they should be vocal in asking certain questions. One of those questions is 'What is the scientific foundation of saying that children are born with homosexual inclinations'?


"If the modern Anglo-Western civilizations claims that it is rooted in freedom of thought and freedom of speech and in precision in thinking and deep thinking, then the question regarding this should not be blotted out in classrooms. The question regarding this should not be treated in an Orwellian fashion. In fact, the children should be encouraged. We, as Muslims, can encourage them to question the Kinsey report.

"Additional to that, what are the harms of such relationships? Do they tell you that males that perform this action, they will eventually have something known as the male Tampax, where a man wears a Tampax meaning a nappy? And some of them are unable to control their bowels that they wake up in the morning, and their bowels have been emptied on the bed? Meaning, do they tell you this in school? These are additional things that should be taught in schools also, meaning if you attempt to carry out a Chinese communist Mao Tze-Sung [sic] style brainwashing program, additional to this, you should teach them our counter-arguments regarding the fact that no child is born with sexual inclinations. Children are not born with sexuality. Young men and young women grow into sexuality. So that there is a brainwashing program now making young people at the age of five becoming confused regarding their gender. So some of them have concocted over seventy different types of genders. This is confusion. And this is one of the confusions in akhir al-zaman [end of time], one of the confusions that shall occur in the end of times, that people shall become confused regarding first things, first issues regarding daruriyat, [the] essential aspects of our religion.

"If you taught the young children regarding the STDs, sexually transmitted diseases that are caused by certain sexual acts which are prohibited in Islam, then many of those young people will be deterred from those actions. If they taught in the classroom the harms of homosexuality; additional to that, the harms of lesbianism; additional to that, the harms of certain sexual acts which are prohibited in Islam. Many young people will not grow into such inclinations. This is the correct teachings of Islam..."

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