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May 04, 2019
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Michigan Islamic Center Holds Memorial Service for Shiites Executed by KSA: Saudi Arabia is Behind Every Terrorist Attack in the World; Allah Willing, The Yemenis Will Occupy Saudi Arabia

#7241 | 03:01
Source: Online Platforms - "The Islamic Institute of America on YouTube"

The Islamic Institute of America in Dearborn Heights, MI, a Shiite Islamic center, held a memorial service for the Shiites that were executed in Saudi Arabia in April following terror-related convictions. A video of the memorial was uploaded to the Institute's YouTube channel on May 4, 2019. Imam Hassan Qazwini, the senior cleric at the center, said that Saudi Arabia is the "greatest sponsor of terrorism" and that every terrorist attack in the world "bears [its] fingerprints." He criticized the Saudi king for agreeing to Trump's request that Saudi Arabia pay for money for defense, saying that "defending Islam and the rights of the Muslims [and] the Arabs and the Palestinians is not what [the king] cares about." Rather, Qazwini said that the Saudi leadership only cares about staying in power. Another speaker, whose identity is unknown, criticized Saudi Arabia's military involvement in Yemen and said that the only elections held in Saudi Arabia are to "vote for the best idiot from among all the idiots on the scene." He referred to the Yemenis as "our brothers" and added: "Allah willing, they will occupy Saudi Arabia tomorrow. Not occupy… They will liberate it."

Following are excerpts:


Sheikh Hassan Qazwini: Eighty years of injustice, terrorism, and bloodshed… Every terrorist attack in the East or in the West – in the Philippines, Nigeria, Mali, the Gulf, Europe, everywhere around the world – bears the fingerprints of that [Saudi] terrorist regime. This country is the greatest sponsor of terrorism, yet it claims to be friendly and civilized.




When their despicable king stood before Trump the tyrant, he did not dare to say "no" to him. Trump ordered him to spend more and more money, and he did not dare to refuse, because defending Islam and the rights of the Muslims, and defending the rights of the Arabs and the Palestinians, is not what he cares about. All this king and the entire Saud clan care about is maintaining their rule, even if the entire world goes to Hell. This is all they care about. In one trip, the President of this country [Trump] stole $450 billion from them. Have you ever seen a bigger act of theft? Have you ever seen bigger embezzlement? Have you ever seen a bigger act of burglary than the one committed by the president of this country?




Unknown Speaker: Day by day, our people, our brothers, our sisters, and our children in Yemen make on sacrifice after another. What are the justifications for the attack on them? You want to restore the rule to the president? Who among all the Arab regimes even has the legitimacy and can give it to [the Yemeni president]? You are all appointed. Today they tell you to sit on the throne, and tomorrow they will tell you to get lost. Did your people give you legitimacy? How many elections do they have in Saudi Arabia? The only elections they have in Saudi Arabia is to vote for the best idiot from among all the idiots on the scene there.




Our brothers in Yemen do not have shoes or clothes. They were hit by cholera and other diseases, and on a daily basis, they pour on them napalm, cluster bombs, and other prohibited bombs, but despite all that they capture 1,500 kilometers every day. Allah willing, they will occupy Saudi Arabia tomorrow. Not occupy… They will liberate it.

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