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Oct 15, 2016
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Antisemitic Addresses by Pittsburgh Imam Na'eem Abdullah: Ashkenazi Jews Aren't Real Jews; Jews Run Everything Behind the Scenes; Some Jews Were Transformed into Monkeys and Pigs; White Supremacy Has Co-Opted Judaism

#6976 | 06:33
Source: Online Platforms - "the Nur Uz-Zamaan Institute on YouTube"

Pittsburgh-based Imam Na'eem Abdullah delivered several Friday sermons and lectures that were uploaded between October 2016 and December 2018 to the YouTube channel of the Nur Uz-Zamaan Institute. In a video that was uploaded on October 15, 2016, Abdullah said that the American Empire is considered by many scholars to be the continuation of the Roman Empire, and that close examination reveals that the Jews are "running everything" behind the scenes. He also said: "Real Jews, or the Ashkenazi [Jews]?" In another video that was uploaded on April 7, 2018, Abdullah said that the Jews have Allah's anger and that Christians have gone astray. He also told a story from the Quran in which Allah transformed some Jews into apes and pigs. In a June 29, 2018, video, Imam Abdullah explained that there is a lesson to be learned from the Prophet Muhammad's expulsion of the Jews of Banu Nadir from Medina for having behaved treacherously. Abdullah said: "We have to behave the exact opposite of that… [The Jews] weren't out organizing [because] they have all the money." In a fourth video that was uploaded on December 29, 2018, Abdullah said that Judaism and Christianity had been co-opted by the "religion of white supremacy" and made into "white-supremacist religions." He said that black people who consider themselves Jews don't benefit from Israel the same way other people do. The Nur Uz-Zamaan Institute, the philosophy of which is based on a program developed by Imam Abdullah, works in partnership with Masjid Al-Mu'min, where Abdullah preaches and where the lectures in this clip were delivered.

Following are excerpts:


Imam Na’eem Abdullah, on October 15, 2016: Some of you think the Roman Empire stopped, because your [knowledge of] history is kind of weak. The American Empire is often considered by many scholars to be Pax Romana, and a continuation of the Roman Empire. It's the same people, they just relocated the capital. Even if you look deeper, behind the scenes – Jews [are] running everything. The real Jews, or the Ashkenazi [Jews]?




On April 7, 2018: We ask Allah to guide us on the straight path, the path of those who have Your blessing. Just in case, not the path of those who have Your anger. If you read the commentaries, you know that Allah is talking about the Jews. In the fatiha [opening chapter of the Quran], we are asking Allah to guide us on the straight path and [to not] make us like the Jews. That is in your fatiha. “And not like those who go astray” – the Christians.




A lot of people may try to twist that and turn that around and say: “See, you hate Christians and Jews.” No, no, no... The Prophet Moses was a Muslim. His true followers were Muslims. Prophet Jesus was a Muslim. His true followers were Muslims. When you corrupt the religion that they came with – then you come up with these other religions.




Allah mentions a special specific group of the Children of Israel, who lived by the sea. As I mention this story that is in the Quran, think about the mindset that goes into it – doing what they did. The Israelites have a Sabbath, and even those now who practice Judaism, on the Sabbath on Saturday, which is from the Friday evening prayers to the Saturday evening prayers... There are certain things that they don't do. During that time, those people who lived by the sea were prohibited from fishing. And Allah decided to test them. He would make the fish plentiful and easy to catch during the Sabbath.




They could not resist that test. So what did they do? Did they go out on Saturday and fish? No! they took their nets and their fishing rods and everything, and set it up on Friday, before the Sabbath. They left it there and ignored it, and then after the Sabbath – after Saturday, after the evening prayers – they came and got the fish. Do you see how they are playing games with Allah's religion? They think Allah will accept a stupid excuse like that... “We weren't fishing, it was the nets and the rods that were doing it.” They make a mockery of their religion. Allah gave them a clear command, and they tried to find a way to violate that order from Allah, while pretending not to violate the order. Look at the mentality behind that. You know behind that... Some of them were turned into monkeys and pigs, literally. Read the commentaries... Literally. Literally! But don't take it too far, because when you read the commentary, all the scholars also say that these monkeys and pigs didn't reproduce. Because some people think that some of the Jews walking around right now are really descendants of monkeys and pigs. No, they didn't have any children or any offspring.




On June 29, 2018: Allah is teaching us some lessons of when the Prophet Muhammad expelled one of the Jewish tribes from Medina, Banu Nadir – This is beautiful, because this is... Everything is relevant, but this is clearly and obviously relevant to our situation. When the Prophet Muhammad told them they had to get out of Medina because they broke the covenant, they were treacherous, they were working with the disbelievers, and tried to kill the Prophet and undermine Islam, even though they agreed to do otherwise, to protect the city, and protect everybody that lived in it... The Prophet Muhammad told them they had to go.




Take a lesson from that. The Quran is not a storybook. Then what does Allah say? [He says:] 'You think they are united, but their hearts are divided.' 'You think they are united, but their hearts are divided.' If we [don't] want the same thing, we have to be the exact opposite of that. Like the companions of the Prophet Muhammad. They weren't out organizing – Jews have all the money. They were part of the internal enemy. The hypocrites were amongst the Muslims, they knew the secrets. The Quraysh were the outside enemy. All the chips are stacked against the Muslims.




On December 29, 2018: They took Judaism and made it a white-supremacist religion. You have got black people that consider themselves Jews. They're not benefitting from Israel like everyone else, right?




The religion of white supremacy has co-opted the religion of Judaism. Christianity [as well]. The religion of white supremacy has co-opted the religion of Christianity.

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