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Mar 30, 2019
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Antisemitic Lecture by German Imam Said Abu Hafs: The Jews Are Miserly, Greedy, Enamored with Gold; They Are Arrogant, Take People's Money Unlawfully

#7259 | 03:25
Source: Online Platforms - "Islamisches Zentrum Kaiserlautern on YouTube"

German imam Said Abu Hafs said at a lecture titled "The Position of the Jews towards Islam," which he delivered at the Islamic Center of Kaiserlautern, Germany, that Jesus came to the Jews and told them to "leave their money" and follow him. Imam Abu Hafs laughed, saying that requesting such a thing from the Jews is "pointless" and that this is why the Jews turned against Jesus. He said that the Jews have been miserly and greedy since ancient times and, explaining that they have always been "enamored with gold," that they worshipped the golden calf simply because it was made out of gold. Imam Abu Hafs also said that the Jews, their rabbis, and their leaders are arrogant and look down on others because they see themselves as God's chosen people, and that it has always been pointless to call them and their forefathers to Islam because they do not want to be equal to everybody else and because they would then not be able to unlawfully take other people's money. Abu Hafs added that the Jews have fought Islam by "tearing apart the unity of the Muslims," and he claimed that this is still taking place today. The video was uploaded to the Islamic Center of Kaiserlautern's (Islamisches Zentrum Kaiserlautern) YouTube channel on March 30, 2019.

Said Abu Hafs: "Jesus came [to the Jews] and said: 'Leave your money and follow me!' That was pointless! [Jesus said:] 'You are rich, but you want the Kingdom [of God]? Just leave everything and follow me! Wear something old, eat anything – locusts or whatever – and follow me!' That's pointless! That is why [the Jews] turned against him. They could not benefit from this. So since ancient times, [the Jews] have loved money. [The Quran says:] 'You will surely find then, of all people, the most greedy for life.' Therefore, even though they saw the great divine signs, they still worshipped the golden calf – because it was made of shining gold. They knew that it was not a god, but it was gold, which was enough for them. They are enamored with gold. They have been arrogant, especially their rabbis and their leaders. They would enslave people. They are arrogant, they look down on other people, and they hold their own race in high esteem – 'God's Chosen People,' and so on...

"They say that God created other peoples to be their donkeys. That is their creed. They know that this would no longer be the case if they converted to Islam. In Islam, people are equals. [The Quran say:] 'The most noblest of you in the eyes of Allah is the most righteous among you.' They would take usury, bribes, and other things, even though it is forbidden for them and they know it.  So [conversion to Islam] would not benefit them. They would not be able to take other people's money unlawfully anymore. So conversion to Islam is pointless to them, just like conversion to Christianity was pointless to their forefathers. Similarly, conversion to Islam is pointless to them. That's the problem. One of their wicked ways to fight Islam was to tear apart the unity of Muslims, to sever the bonds of love between Muslims, and to ignite civil strife among them by using pre-Islamic slogans. This is still happening today.


"It is well-known and does not need any further explanation that they are the most renowned of all people for their miserliness and love of money."


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