December 31, 2019 Special Announcements No. 850

2019 Editor's Picks: Top MEMRI TV Clips From The Lantos Project

December 31, 2019
Special Announcements No. 850

The following are selected MEMRI TV clips from The Lantos Project in 2019, on a variety of topics.

#7231 – Antisemitism On Al-Jazeera Network: Israel Is Biggest Winner From Holocaust; It Uses The Same Justification To Annihilate The Palestinians

#7162 – Blood Libel By Kuwaiti Researcher Muhanna Hamad Al-Muhanna: The Jews Use Blood Of Christian Children For Holiday Pastries

#7173 – Egyptian Hebrew Professor Abou Al-Azayem Farjallah: Zionists Collaborated With Nazis; Gas Chambers Could Not Have Killed Millions

#7146 – Tunisian Actor Walid Nahdi In Antisemitic, Homophobic Diatribe: I Can't Tolerate Homosexuals And The Smell Of Jews

#7570 – Former Jordanian Health Minister Dr. Zaid Hamzeh: We Arabs Supported Hitler During WWII Because He Hated The Jews

#7669 – Imam Mohamad Joban Of Redmond, WA: Allah Transformed Jews Into Despicable Apes And Pigs For Disobeying Him; A Baby Born In Malaysia With A Tail Is Their Descendant

#7028 – Imam Muhammad Ma'moun Rahma In Damascus Friday Sermon: In Keeping With Protocols Of The Elders Of Zion, Zionist Jews Opened Nightclubs, Dens Of Depravity To Weaken Muslims' Moral Code

#7640 – American Islamic Scholar Sheikh Yasir Qadhi Defends Antisemitic Comments: MEMRI Jumps On Any Preacher Who Quotes Hadith About The Trees and The Rocks, But The Killing Of Jews Is Prediction, Not Prescription; Muslims Cannot Be Antisemites

#7087 – Sudan Sermon By Sheikh Abd Al-Jalil Al-Karouri: The Jews Are Behind NZ Massacre; They Are The Enemies Of Christians And Muslims

#7629 – Former Jordanian MP Muhammad Tu'mah Al-Qudah: Our Enmity Towards The Jews Will Continue Until They Are Annihilated In The Great Battle

#7557 – Sudanese Islamic Scholars Slam New Women's League Soccer League: This Is About Imitating Jews, Christians, And Infidels; It Is A War Against Islam Launched By Atheists And Communists; It Is A Call For Adultery Under The Pretext Of Sports

#7392 – Yemeni Sheikh Abd Al-Wahhab Al-Mirabi In Friday Sermon: The Jews Are The Party Of Satan, A Plague; Let Them Taste Our Rifles

#7453 – Iraqi Shi'ite Militia Leader Qais Khazali: The Jews Are The Enemies Of Mankind; Israel Dug Its Own Grave By Carrying Out Attacks In Iraq

#7446 – Kerman Friday Sermon By Former Iranian Minister Mostafa Pourmohammadi: Narrative Of "So-Called Holocaust" Should Be Researched; The Jews, Zionism Constitute An Invasive Civilization Of Arrogance

#7412 – Egyptian Journalist Al-Azab Al-Tayyeb: The Holocaust Is Zionist Propaganda For The Purpose Of Making Money; A Few Hundred Thousand Jews Were Killed At Most; Gas Chambers Were Too Small To Be Used For Genocide

#7388 – Egyptian Analyst Dr. Wassim Al-Sissy: The Jews Toppled Germany, This Is Why Hitler Hated Them

#7344 – Egyptian Professor Of Hebrew Dr. Fouad AbdelWahed: Jews Eat Matzos Prepared With Human Blood (Donated By Jews) On Passover

#7251 – Libyan Researcher Dr. Ali Al-Siba'i: The Jews Are The Source Of All Evil; Mobilization Of Our Enemies Is Part Of Malicious Jewish Plot To Unite Them Against Islam

#7234 – Kuwaiti Singer Dr. Monia Al-Hob: On Judgment Day, We Will All Kill Jews; Jews Will Have Special Gate To Hell

#7605 – Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei: Erasing Israel Does Not Mean Erasing The Jews; The People Of Palestine Must Drive Out Netanyahu And Other Riffraff Foreigners

#7574 – Researchers At Holocaust Denial Conference In Jordan: Jews Were Not Systematically Murdered In Holocaust, "Final Solution" Was To Expel Jews Due To Their Destructive Influence

#7564 – Al-Jazeera's Midan Voice Internet Channel: Jews Created And Control The Porn Industry In Order To Pollute American And Christian Values

#7517 – Iranian Cleric Ebad Mohammadtabar: When The Hidden Imam Arrives, The Whole World Will Convert To Islam Or Die; We Will Confront, Defeat The Jews, Zionism

#7384 – Tunisian University Professor Ibrahim Al-Rifa'i: The Jews Were Exploited By Antisemites In The West And Were Then Banished To Palestine

#7314 – Iraqi Cleric Abd Al-Salam Zain Al-Abidin: The Quran Focuses On The Jews So Much Because They Are Our Sworn Enemy With Whom We Can Never Make Peace

#7153 – Iraqi TV Report: Jews Behind Iraqi NGOs; They Promote Homosexuality And Encourage Men To Style Their Beards Like Herzl

#7070 – Iranian Filmmaker Nader Talebzadeh: 9/11 Is A Big Lie, Fabricated Crime; Explosives Were Planted, 3,000 Jews Warned To Stay Away

#7050 – Antisemitic Statements By Mauritanian Cleric Muhammad Ould Dedew: The Jews Are Allah's Enemies; They Are Behind World's Institutions Of Usury; Two Doomsday Wars With The Jews Ahead

#7030 – Sudanese Cleric 'Alaa Al-Din Al-Zaki: The Jews Epitomize Trickery, Were Turned Into Apes For Trying To Trick Allah

#7008 – Antisemitic Statements By Senior Lebanese Sunni Cleric Ahmad Al-Zein: Jews Are Cowards, Control The Economy, And Have Backward Moral Values

#6930 – Kuwaiti Cleric Jihad Al-'Ayesh: The Jews Shatter The Spirit Of Every Country They Settle In; Hitler Warned His People Of The Prostitution They Spread

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