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Oct 07, 2019
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Iranian Cleric Ebad Mohammadtabar: When the Hidden Imam Arrives, The Whole World Will Convert to Islam or Die; We Will Confront, Defeat the Jews, Zionism

#7517 | 01:12
Source: Hamoon TV (Iran)

Iranian cleric Ebad Mohammadtabar said in a September 7, 2019 sermon that aired on Hamoon TV (Iran) that when the Hidden Imam arrives, the whole world will have to convert to Islam or die. He also said that the Muslims will confront the Jews, whom he said the Quran describes as the biggest enemy of Islam, and he said that the Muslims will humiliate and defeat Zionism. Mohammadtabar added a prayer that the congregation will have the privilege of seeing the coming of the Hidden Imam with their own eyes.

Following are excerpts:


Ebad Mohammadtabar: God will grant such power to His Shiites and to His Muslims, because when the Hidden Imam arrives, everybody will have to convert to Islam under its banner or die.




God willing, when the Hidden Imam arrives, all us Muslim will, under his leadership, confront the biggest enemy of Islam – the Jews. According to a Quranic verse, the Jews are the greatest enemy of Islam. We will confront them and we will humiliate and defeat the ignoble Zionism, which acts towards Muslims in the world in such a treacherous way. Oh God, in the name of the Master of Martyrs [Imam Hussein], and the month of muharram, may we all have the privilege to see the redeemer of the world [the Hidden Imam] with our very own eyes.

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