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Jun 29, 2019
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Yemeni Sheikh Abd Al-Wahhab Al-Mirabi in Friday Sermon: The Jews Are the Party of Satan, a Plague; Let Them Taste Our Rifles

#7392 | 06:13
Source: Yemen Shabab TV (Yemen)

Yemeni Sheikh Abd Al-Wahhab Al-Mirabi said in a June 28, 2019 Friday sermon in Taiz, Yemen that Allah cursed the Jews and described them as treacherous and deceitful. Sheikh Al-Mirabi said that the Jews are the "party of Satan," and he warned that anybody who believes that peace can be achieved in the Middle East with the Jews is deluded. He then listed some of the conspiracies he claimed the Jews have participated in against the Muslims, including poisoning and killing the Prophet Muhammad, financing the Crusades, killing Islamic rulers, taking part in the inquisition courts during the Spanish Inquisition, toppling the Ottoman Empire, dividing the Arab world, and deposing Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi. Referring to the Jews as a "plague," Sheikh Al-Mirabi said: "Let [the Jews in Palestine] taste nothing but [our] rifles." The sermon aired on Yemen Shabab TV.

Abd Al-Wahhab Al-Mirabi: "Allah said that Jews are treacherous and deceitful. Hundreds of prophets have failed to reform them. They have chosen to go astray. The Quran tells us that they mix truth and falsehood, that they hide the truth, that they distort the meaning of words, that they sell the verses of Allah for a paltry price, and that they violate pacts with Allah and with His creations. [The Quran says:] 'So for breaking the covenant, We cursed them, and made their hearts hard.' Allah tells us that Satan has gained mastery over them, and that they are the party of Satan. Allah knew of their moral values and nature, and so the Prophet Muhammad banished them from Medina and from the Arabian Peninsula in its entirety. Only a few [Jews] lived next to him, because of all the destruction and everything that they bring upon countries. Whoever thinks that he is smarter than the people who came before him, and who thinks that if he only extends his hand to the Jews, they will surrender to him and make peace in the Middle East – such a person deludes himself. Allah has told us about the immutable characteristics of the [Jews]. These may change only in some individuals among them, but as a whole – and especially their leaders – the Jews are the cause of their own destruction, as well as the destruction of those who will come after them. Therefore, we should remind ourselves of some of the conspiracies that they hatched against our Islamic nation, so that these will be deeply ingrained in the minds. One of their conspiracies took place in this blessed month. They tried to kill the Prophet Muhammad when he went to visit the [Jewish] tribe of Banu Nadhir. They left Medina when the Prophet Muhammad banished them because of their conspiracies. In the year 4 AH, they incited all the infidels in the Arab Peninsula against the Prophet. They financed that campaign. The Battle of the Trench also took place in this month, in the year 5 AH. [The Jews] poisoned the Prophet Muhammad in the year 6 AH, after he conquered Khaybar. The Prophet Muhammad died because of the poison that was fed to him by the Jews.


"They financed the Crusades. They killed the best people – those who sensed that they were dangerous – like Omar Ibn Al-Khattab and the Companions of the Prophet who came after him. They also killed Nizam Al-Mulk, who laid the foundations for the power of the Abbasid Caliphate. They tried to kill Saladin Al-Ayyubi. They poisoned and killed Sultan Muhammad the Conqueror. They killed many people from among the best people of the Islamic nation. They also conspired against the recent martyr, Mohamed Morsi. Netanyahu said: 'We cannot reach understandings with that man. He hates the Jews, and so he must not remain in power.' They lived among Muslims in Al-Andalus, where they enjoyed justice and freedom. Despite all this, when the Christians drove the Muslims out of Al-Andalus, it was [the Jews] who turned the Muslims in [to the Christians], telling them which people were performing Muslim rituals. [The Jews] took part in the Inquisition courts. Ultimately, when the Christians finished driving the Muslims out of Al-Andalus, they drove the Jews out, as well. After [the Jews] left Al-Andalus, they lived among the Muslims in peace and security under the auspices of the Ottoman state. Despite this, they conspired against the Ottoman state until they toppled it. Then, they divided the Arab world. The Europeans drove them out of every country. They were driven out of Germany, Britain, France, Italy, and other countries. Napoleon used to say: 'We cannot live while these mice nibble away at the French state.' He drove them out [of France] and was the first to try and settle them in Palestine.


"In his last year in power, John Kennedy said about them: 'If our children knew what the Jews do to the American institutions and the state, they would curse us until the end of time.' They are a plague. Their crimes cannot be forgotten, and we should always teach this to our children.


"The Jews who are defiling the land of Palestine today – let them taste nothing but [our] rifles. They should taste nothing but humiliation and degradation, as decreed by Allah."

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