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Jul 30, 2019
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Tunisian University Professor Ibrahim Al-Rifa'i: The Jews Were Exploited by Antisemites in the West and Were Then Banished to Palestine

#7384 | 01:42
Source: Palestinian Authority TV

Tunisian university professor Ibrahim Al-Rifa'i said in a June 30, 2019 broadcast on Palestinian Authority TV that today's presence of Jews in Palestine is a result of antisemitic actions by Europe, Britain, and America that were "meant to use Jews." He claimed that the Jews are the victims of two kinds of antisemitism in which they were either slaughtered or sent to Palestine. Al-Rifa'i said that this is a result of the "Christian dimension" of the Zionist project, in which Christian Zionists used the World Zionist Organization and the State of Israel to their ends. He explained that this is why it is not contradictory that Britain and the U.S. sent some Jews to Palestine while other Jews were slaughtered in Europe with the agreement of the Zionist movement.

Ibrahim Al-Rifa'i: "The presence of the Jews in Palestine today is a result of an action that was meant to use the Jews. They are the victims of two kinds of antisemitism, in addition to the Palestinians, who are the first victims. It was not the Palestinians who got rid of the Jews. Rather, it was these two kinds of antisemitism in Europe, Britain, and America that first used the Jews, and that then hated them, slaughtered them, and got rid of them. They either used the Jews before slaughtering them, or they got rid of them by sending them to Palestine. Prince Charles says that the origin of the problem in Palestine and the Middle East is the large number of Jews who were sent from Europe to Palestine. In present-day Palestine, we find Jews who came from Poland, Czechoslovakia, Germany, Russia, and all over the world. What do these people have to do with Palestine?


"Therefore, the first victims of the Zionist project's Christian dimension are the Jews that were used by Christian Zionism by means of the World Zionist Organization and its tool, Israel. This is why it is not strange of us to see that Britain and America are the ones that used the Jews, while Jews were slaughtered in some European countries, like Germany, in agreement with the Zionist movement."

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