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Oct 29, 2019
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Sudanese Islamic Scholars Slam New Women’s League Soccer League: This Is About Imitating Jews, Christians, and Infidels; It Is a War against Islam Launched by Atheists and Communists; It Is A Call for Adultery under the Pretext of Sports

#7557 | 05:12
Source: Online Platforms - "Various Sudanese Islamists Accounts on YouTube"

This clip is a compilation of Sudanese Islamic scholars discussing the recent establishment of a women’s soccer league in Sudan (see MEMRI TV Clip No 7556). Sheikh Abu Bakr Adab said in a video that was uploaded to the Sudanese Salafi Path YouTube channel on October 4, 2019 that people in Sudan have no transportation, no food, poor education, and no livelihood, and he questioned if a women’s soccer league is really what Sudan needs at this time. Another scholar, Sheikh Muzammil Faqiri, said in a video that was uploaded to the same channel on October 9 that the establishment of the league is a fierce campaign against Islam by secularists, communists, and atheists who bring nothing but garbage and insolence from infidel countries. Sheikh Faqiri also questioned if a women’s soccer league will solve Sudan’s food and fuel crises, and he said that the physical nature of soccer contradicts women’s God-given femininity, which he said secularists don’t have respect for. A third scholar, Sheikh Muhammad Mustafa Abdel Qader, said in a video that was uploaded to a different YouTube channel on October 12 that the establishment of the league is really about imitating the Jews, Christians, and the infidel countries in the West, as he said the Prophet Muhammad had predicted would happen. He said that it constitutes a “call for adultery” under the pretext of soccer and that the “filthy” women who play in the league only want to play soccer because women play soccer in America and the West. For more from Sheikh Muhammad Mustafa Abdel Qader, see MEMRI TV Clip No. 7193.

Following are excerpts:



Sheikh Abu Bakr Adad: Sometimes you hear things and you don’t know whether to laugh or cry. People, is women’s soccer the final thing we still need in this country? So that’s it! We have achieved opulence in knowledge and in worldly matters – in food, in drink, in health, and in education – and all that is left is for our women to play soccer? Is that the last thing we lack? People, we don’t have means of transportation. People, we still don’t have proper education and livelihoods. Is having our women play soccer the only thing left? Is this our main cause?




Sheikh Muzammil Faqiri: This is a fierce campaign against Islam by secularists, Communists, and atheists. They curse Islam on Facebook and Twitter. When they become more advanced, the secularists and Communists open Twitter accounts.




Now they say that there should be a Sudanese women’s soccer team.  Everybody knows the story of the Sudanese men’s team. They go, get smacked, and come back.




So from the sports perspective – from a purely soccer perspective – we are a complete failure, and, by God, this is a good thing! It allows us to turn to the correct path and develop our country.




The secularists who live in the midst of the Muslim countries and communities bring nothing but garbage and insolence from the infidels abroad. They don’t bring the science that allowed [the West] to develop and produce airplanes and nuclear weapons and that enabled them to make technological breakthroughs. When a foreigner rides a plane or a train, he usually opens up a book in order to read and learn. When these secularists ride a bus here, the minute they get on the bus, they yell: “Play us some Mahmoud Abd Al-Aziz!” They don’t have time to learn. Their heads are empty. As soon as they get off the bus and go into the university, they meet a woman that they fall in love with, and for 48 hours they look into their eyes as if they were eye doctors. They don’t have time to develop.




The issue of women’s soccer is the greatest proof of that. The fact that they establish a women’s soccer team, and that all the women wear shorts, and that during half time, they bring a baby for one of the players to breastfeed… Does that move us forward in any way? Does this resolve the country’s problems? Does it resolve the fuel crisis? Does this resolve the flour crisis? Does it resolve the severe economic problem from which Sudan is suffering? Sudan’s entire economic problem is resolved by having women wear shorts and sending them to the field to play soccer… And the Communist and secularist men will come, with their curly hair, and happily watch the girls and clap their hands. Is this the way to resolve Sudan’s problem?




God created women soft, and He made them love wearing jewelry and getting dolled up. Now you want them to play soccer, and to go for two-footed tackles, volley kicks, and bicycle kicks? This contradicts their femininity. But the secularists don’t know what femininity is. They don’t have brains in their heads, and this is why they want women to be equal to men.




Sheikh Mustafa Abdel Qader: Ultimately, this is about following the Jews and the Christians. This is a declared war by those people to stop the Islamic nation from adhering to its faith. The Jews and the Christians are our enemies. This is not about whether women’s soccer is halal or haram.




This is a war against Islam. The Prophet Muhammad said in a hadith that the Islamic nation would follow the Jews and the Christians step by step, that it would imitate the Jews and Christians, and that it would imitate the infidel countries of the West.




This is an issue of disobedience and striptease. It is a call for adultery, under the pretext of playing soccer.




Ask [one of the players:] Why do you want to play soccer in this team? Ask her: What do you get from it, you filthy woman? How do you benefit from this game? She would say: “No… But they do this all over the world. They do it in America.” It is always about America. So in the Islamic world, it’s not about playing soccer. It’s about imitating the West. The West invites women to be equal to men.

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