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Feb 05, 2019
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Sudanese Cleric 'Alaa Al-Din Al-Zaki: The Jews Epitomize Trickery, Were Turned into Apes for Trying to Trick Allah

#7030 | 01:25
Source: Tayba TV (Sudan)

Sudanese cleric 'Alaa Al-Din Al-Zaki said in a Tayba TV (Sudan) show on February 5, 2019 that the Jews epitomize trickery. He recounted a story from the Quran in which the Jews were turned into apes for casting their fishing nets on Friday in order to circumvent the prohibition of fishing on the Sabbath and the religious duties given to them by Allah. Al-Zaki is a Sudanese academic and member of the Sudanese Association of Islamic Fiqh.

Following are excerpts:


Sheikh 'Alaa Al-Din Al-Zaki: The Jews epitomize trickery. They were cited as an example of [people who] employ trickery against Allah in order to circumvent their religious duties. The Jews committed two great sins in this respect. Only of them was mentioned by Allah in the Quran: "You know about those among you who transgressed the Sabbath, so We said to them: 'Be apes, despised and hated.'" Allah forbade the Jews to fish on the Sabbath. So the Jews cast their nets on Friday, and some fish were caught in them on Saturday. In order to test them, [Allah] made the fish come only on Saturdays. This was a great test.




The Jews cast their nets on Friday, some fish were caught in them on Saturday, and [the Jews] collected them on Sunday. This was a trick, so they could say that they did not fish on [Saturday]. But the truth is that they fished on [Saturday], and this was a trick to circumvent their religious duty that was enjoined by Allah.

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