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Apr 04, 2019
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Egyptian Hebrew Professor Abou Al-Azayem Farjallah: Zionists Collaborated with Nazis; Gas Chambers Could Not Have Killed Millions

#7173 | 01:37
Source: Channel 2 (Egypt)

Dr. Abou Al-Azayem Farjallah, a Hebrew professor at the Egyptian Helwan University, said in an April 4, 2019 episode of the antisemitic show, "Blue Line," on Channel 2 TV (Egypt) that Jews have historically had a psychological complex he referred to as the "persecution complex." He said that the Jews were never really persecuted and that they have historically lived in isolation by choice and refused to assimilate. He also said that the persecution of Jews that took place during WWII was organized and perpetrated by the Zionist movement, which he claimed collaborated with German leaders in carrying out violence against Jews in order to force immigration to Palestine. He explained that the Holocaust did not happen the way people think it did since it targeted non-Jews, as well, and that the gas chambers the Nazis used could not have been used for the execution of millions of people.

Abou Al-Azayem: "'Persecution complex' has been a Jewish complex throughout history, or when they were present within European communities. They always feel persecuted and live in isolation. They never try to assimilate with other peoples. You may say that persecution complex is a psychological complex of the Jews."

Interviewer: "But were they really persecuted?"

Abou Al-Azayem: "No, they were not. The Jews were isolated by choice, not by coercion. They did not try to assimilate with other peoples.


"The persecution was organized and was perpetrated by the Zionists themselves. With regard to the Holocaust, there are many studies showing that the leaders of the Zionist movement collaborated with some of the German leaders in carrying out violent acts against the Jews, in order to force them to immigrate to Palestine. Even their persecution was organized. The Holocaust, which you mentioned earlier, did not happen the way [we think]. There is new literature that says that the Holocaust was not directed against the Jews..."

Interviewer: "Yes, right, it was directed at all peoples. It Is proven, both historically and scientifically, that the sick and the homosexuals [were also victims of the Holocaust]."


Abou Al-Azayem: "Even the gas chambers purported by the Jews could not contain the millions of people that we were told about. This issue was exaggerated in the media and in research. Historians cannot even approach the concept of the Holocaust. It is impossible because it is considered a crime called 'antisemitism.'"

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