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Oct 09, 2019
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Houthi Military Analyst Brig.-Gen. Aziz Rashed: We Have Over 100 Targets Marked in the UAE; UAE Economy Would Collapse in the Wake of Such an Attack

#7530 | 01:31
Source: Al-Thaqalayn TV (Lebanon)

Yemeni military analyst Brigadier-General Aziz Rashed said in an October 9, 2019 interview on Al-Thaqalayn TV (Lebanon) that the Houthi threats to attack the UAE should be taken seriously because they come from the highest echelons of Yemeni military command and because they reflect a high degree of confidence on the part of the Houthis. He said that the Houthis have a list of over 100 targets in the UAE and that a single drone attack the UAE would cause its economy to collapse by driving away international companies and foreign investors.


Interviewer: The official spokesman for the Yemeni armed forces has issued threats against Saudi Arabia and the UAE. He threatened to launch imminent attacks and vowed that these attacks would be worse [than the attacks on Aramco]. What is your take on these threats?"

Aziz Rashed: These threats stem from a great deal of confidence, and they come from the highest echelons of the Yemeni command. Therefore, these threats should be taken seriously. There are more than 100 targets marked in the UAE mini-state. This mini-state cannot withstand a single attack carried out by ten planes. The UAE economy would collapse and this would have consequences. As you know, the UAE economy is based on international companies and investments and on the arrival of commercial ships to Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, and other emirates. Therefore, [an attack] would chase away all the foreign capital, and the UAE would become a huge economic catastrophe for its regime."

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