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May 21, 2023
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At Students For Justice In Palestine (SJP) Rally At Detroit's Wayne State University, Speakers Praise Palestinian Armed Struggle, Launching Rockets At Israel: We Must Tell The Israelis There Is A Price To Pay For Our Martyrs (Archival)

#10393 | 02:51
Source: Online Platforms - "Instagram account of Wayne State University’s SJP chapter "

At a May 15, 2021 rally held at Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan by Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP), speakers praised Palestinian armed struggle against Israel. One speaker said that "Palestine is the headquarters of the Arab revolution" and called upon participants to support the right of "all the Palestinians and Arabs to resist by any means necessary [...] even by armed struggle." She said: "We must tell them [Israel] that there is a price to pay for the death of our martyrs." Another speaker said that Palestinians only target Israeli "militant posts" with their rockets. He added that "these are our people [...] they are doing something we can't do." Video of the rally was posted on the Instagram account of Wayne State University's SJP chapter on May 15 and 20, 2021.

Speaker 1: "Palestine is the headquarters of the Arab revolution. Our liberation movement has a long a proud history. We took back the Suez Canal from the Zionists and the imperialists...

"We kicked Israel out of the south of Lebanon in 2006, and we will win and end the Israeli occupation once and for all!

"Never in history has a colonial movement simply given up because we begged them to stop occupying us. The answer has [been] and always will be: Resistance, resistance, resistance! We must raise the social, political, and economic costs of the occupation. We must tell them that there is a price to pay for the death of our martyrs. We must keep protesting in the street, to expose Israel's crimes in the eyes of the world. We must boycott all Israeli products and institutions.

"And the most important point – we must support the right of all the Palestinians and Arabs to resist by any means necessary! It is our right, under international law, to resist colonialism even by armed struggle."


Speaker 2: "How do you have the audacity to turn around and say: 'Oh, they launch rockets.' They launch rockets into the sky that are for targeting militant groups.

"They are targeting Israeli militant posts, 90% of which are intercepted by the most sophisticated military technology – the Iron Dome, and then you say that these people are terrorists and we don't claim them. By Allah, we do claim them, they are our people. These are our resistance [fighters], they are doing something we can't do.

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