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Jul 19, 2019
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Russian Duma Member Alexander Yushchenko: U.S. War with Iran Would Be a "Dangerous Venture" That Could "Lead to End of Civilization"

#7370 | 03:21
Source: Al-Nujaba TV (Iraq)

Russian Duma member Alexander Yushchenko said in a July 19, 2019 interview on Al-Nujaba TV (Iraq) that a war between the U.S. and Iran would be a "dangerous venture with possibly irreversible consequences" that might "lead to the end of civilization," particularly since the world is in the nuclear age. He said that if there are any reasonable people left in the U.S. administration, they should not consider war with Iran to be a legitimate option since Iran is a powerful country with a well-trained military and large arsenal of weapons. He elaborated that war with Iran would not be a "walk in the park," especially since American bases in the Middle East are within range of Iran's ballistic missiles. Yushchenko went on to say that Israel is an "extension" of America's "dictatorial policy of hegemony" in the Middle East and that it actively spreads anarchy, discord, and wars in the region. Adding that colonial powers like the U.S. cannot last forever, Yushchenko said: "I am calling upon America to stop this plot, because it will lead to a real human catastrophe."

Alexander Yushchenko: "With regard to the possibility of a war between the U.S. and Iran, this would be a dangerous venture, with possibly irreversible consequences. In the nuclear age, such a venture is dangerous. As I've said before, it might lead to the end of civilization. If any reasonable people are left in this U.S. administration, they should think this through. They should not even consider such a step, because Iran is a powerful country with a large military arsenal. Iran has a strong and well-trained army. A war with Iran would not be a walk in the park, especially considering that the American bases [in the region] are within the range of Iran's very advanced missiles and weapons. I don't think a war would serve America's interest."


Host: "What would you say to the Israeli entity, which orchestrates all this anarchy in the Middle East? What is your message to that entity?"

Alexander Yushchenko: "In my opinion, Israel is an extension of the American policy in the Middle East. This is a dictatorial policy of hegemony. It is clear that the policy set for Israel will not enable it to win the support of the Arab world – especially with regard to the conflict that Israel instigates in the region. Israel actively spreads anarchy, discord, and wars. This will not bring Israel any stability. America's policy is a colonialist one, and colonialists cannot last for long. The day comes – when the conditions are right – that the colonialists leave. The American solutions with regard to Israel are always top-down solutions that completely disregard international law or the rights of the Palestinian people. Trump unjustly handed out lands to Israel. He declared that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel. Who gave him the right to do this? The spreading of the terrorist forces in the region will ultimately affect the security and peace of all the peoples in the world. The world will not be divided into countries that are secure and those that are not secure. Terrorism is a very dangerous game. It can destroy societies and destabilize the world order. I am calling upon America to stop this plot, because it will lead to a real human catastrophe."

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