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Oct 20, 2021
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Roy Rached, Lebanese Forces Party Activist: We Are Prepared To Sacrifice Ourselves In Defense Of Our People; We Will Accept Weapons From Israel – Or Even From Demons – If We Must

#9143 | 00:42
Source: The Internet - "Spot Shot on YouTube"

Roy Rached, a Lebanese Forces party activist, said in a video that was uploaded to the Spot Shot Video YouTube channel on October 20, 2021 that the Lebanese Forces party is prepared to defend its people, and that its members see no problem in sacrificing their lives for this purpose. Rached said that if they come under threat of expulsion, death, or destruction, the Lebanese Forces will not only take weapons from Israel, but from "demons" if they must.

Roy Rached:  "We are all fighters, we are all defending our homes.


"We have no problem sacrificing ourselves in order to defend our honor, our families, and our people.


"If they come to expel us, to kill us, and to destroy us, not only will we take weapons from Israel, in order to defend ourselves – but from demons as well. You have brought us to Hell, but we are demons on Earth. We will take weapons from demons in order to defend ourselves."

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