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Apr 04, 2024
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Palestinian Activist Ramzi Awda: Hamas Is Stealing The Aid Coming Into Gaza And Re-selling It At Exorbitant Prices; It Rejects Any Political Solution For Gaza That Involves Its Removal From Power

#11036 | 01:41
Source: Al-Awda TV (PA)

Ramzi Awda, Secretary-General of the International Campaign to Combat the Occupation and Apartheid slammed Hamas in an April 4, 2024 interview that aired on Awda TV (Palestine), saying that Hamas steals most of the aid coming into Gaza and selling it again to the people in Gaza for exorbitant prices. He continued to say that Hamas rejects any political solution that involves its removal from power in Gaza.

Ramzi Awda: "The aid trucks enter [the Gaza Strip] after they are checked carefully by the Israelis, at the Rafah crossing of the Kerem Shalom crossing. Then they go to northern Gaza Strip, and what happens there? There is the armed militia of Hamas, there are armed families…There are people with power there, who can..."

Reporter: "The aid is being stolen?"

Awda: "Yes, it is being stolen. Even the international organizations admit this. Most of the aid is being stolen – over 60% or 70% of the aid goes to the warehouses of some movements, some factions, some tribes..."

Reporter: "Who owns the warehouses in the Gaza Strip?"

Awda: "Hamas. They re-sell the products to the people at exorbitant prices.


"[Hamas] was offered many political solutions, including their leaders leaving and going abroad, turning Hamas into a political party rather than an armed militia... And so on and so forth, but Hamas insists on remaining a political and military movement that rules the Gaza Strip. It is willing to accept any military and political formula and refuses only the suggestion that it would give up the rule in Gaza."


Reporter:  "Even if it means that Gaza becomes empty of its people?"

Awda: "Of course."

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