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Sep 29, 2021
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Palestinian Authority Mufti Of Jerusalem Sheikh Muhammad Hussein: The Occupation Of Palestine Will End, Jerusalem Will Be Liberated And Returned To The Fold Of Islam

#9147 | 01:04
Source: Palestinian Authority TV

Palestinian Authority (PA) Mufti of Jerusalem Sheikh Muhammad Hussein said that the "injustice will come to an end" as will "the occupation," and that Jerusalem will be "liberated" and returned to the fold of Islam. He made his remarks on a show that aired on Palestine TV on September 29, 2021. Mufti Hussein added that Palestine was occupied by different nations throughout history, but the Palestinian people had always remained on the land since the Canaanite era. He further said that "falsehood will come to an end."

On May 21, 2021 Mufti Hussein's Friday sermon at the Al-Aqsa Mosque was interrupted by angry worshippers, who chanted: "The dogs of the PA get out!" and accused him of being a spy (see MEMRI TV clip no 8864) and on May 25, he appeared in an event honoring the "martyrs" of Gaza and Jerusalem, saying that martyrdom is a "badge of honor," bestowed by Allah (see MEMRITV clip no 8900).

Sheikh Muhammad Hussein: "Without a doubt, the injustice will come to an end and so will the occupation, no matter what occupation it is. When you examine the history of Palestine, you see that it has been occupied by many nations, and many invaders have invaded it, but ultimately all the occupiers and invaders have left, while the Palestinians – who have been firmly established upon this land since the Canaanite era – remain here, and they will remain here until Judgment Day, as the Prophet Muhammad said.


"Without a doubt, Jerusalem will be liberated and it will return to the fold of Islam, mighty and noble with its holy places and its people, while falsehood will come to an end, Allah willing."

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