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Jan 20, 2024
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New Jersey Muslim YouTuber Jake Brancatella: The Jews Distort Scripture, Killed Their Own Prophets; Allah Is Warning Muslims Against The Jews; They Are Not Our Friends

#10833 | 01:53
Source: Online Platforms - "Islamic Oasis on YouTube"

Muslim YouTuber Jake Brancatella, "the Muslim Metaphysician," said in a January 20, 2024, interview on the podcast of Chicago-based charity, Islamic Oasis, which was streamed live on YouTube that the Jews are not the friends of the Muslims. He told the podcast host, Islamic Oasis's president, activist Muhammad Shirazi, that he doesn't care if the Jews are anti-Zionists or if they "have something nice to say about the Palestinians […] they are not our allies." Barncatella said that the Jews have distorted their scripture and killed their prophets and messengers. According to his GoFundMe campaign, Brancatella lives in Neptune, N.J. The Islamic Oasis podcast has hosted various members of Hizb ut-Tahrir in the past, including Dr. Abdul Waheed, the leader of Hizb ut-Tahrir Britain. The group was recently proscribed a terrorist organization and banned in the UK. For more information, see MEMRITV clip number 10320.

Jake Brancatella: "When you really understand what Jews believe in their scriptures about non-Jews, we will not be surprised, because – and I have to say this quite frankly, sheikh – these people are not our friends, in the sense of that we need to be sitting down and having tea with them every day. No! We have to know who these people are and what they believe so that we know how to deal with them. They distorted the texts, they distorted the verses of Allah. They killed their own prophets and messengers. They killed them!

"Allah is warning the Muslims [against the Jews]; they distorted the Scripture. So now, should we be shocked that they distort my words? Maybe they will review this or maybe they see videos of Muslims or Palestinians speaking and they misrepresent what they say. They can distort their own texts, and they can proudly say this about prophets and messengers. Just imagine what they would say about us, Muslims. I don't care what they say about Palestine, I am sorry to say. Yes, we can agree with them if they have something nice to say about the Palestinians, and they can be anti-Zionists, fine. But it stops there. They are not our allies."   

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