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May 20, 2023
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Jordanian Hizb Ut-Tahrir Activist Dr. Mohammad Malkawi: Western Powers Established Israel To Distract Muslims From Rebuilding A Caliphate; WWII, 'So-Called Genocides' Were Carefully Designed To Force Jews To Go To Israel, Which Will Become A Graveyard For Them

#10320 | 03:13
Source: Online Platforms - "Islamic Oasis on YouTube"

On May 20, 2023, a Chicago-based Islamic charity called Islamic Oasis posted to its YouTube channel a panel titled "The Nakba Continues." The panel was attended by Jordanian-American Hizb ut-Tahrir activist Dr. Mohammad Malkwai (also known as "Abu Talha") and by Dr. Abdul Waheed, the leader of Hizb ut-Tahrir Britain, and it was moderated by Islamic Oasis's president, activist Muhammad Shirazi. In the panel, Dr. Malkawi said that Israel was established by the colonial Western powers as a "weapon" in order to distract the Muslims from re-establishing the Caliphate and becoming a threat to them. He said that "so-called genocides" and the Holocaust were "carefully designed" to "scare the hell" out of Jews in Europe so that they would flee to Israel, which he predicted will become a "graveyard" for them. Dr. Abdul Waheed said that once the Caliphate is established, the "cowardly" Jews will flee quickly.

Mohammad Malkawi: "Now what is the purpose of the Jewish state – which is called today Israel?

"The purpose is to distract you from being powerful enough to become a real threat to the interests of the Western colonial powers. You are not a threat to the people... Islam is not a threat to anyone, in fact, Islam is guidance, happiness, well-being, [it] is welfare for all nations of the world. People in America and Europe will appreciate Islam, even more than us, Muslims, appreciate it, because we take it as a given, but to them it is something new.


"What is the main weapon they are using to keep the Muslims as distracted as possible? The Jewish state, which Britain thought at the very beginning, that it is the only guarantee against the return of the Caliphate.


"Most of the so-called genocides and holocausts, etc., were carefully designed to force the rest of the [Jewish] people in Europe to migrate and flee to the [Jewish] state – so now they are stuck, they cannot go back to Europe.


"I say that the Second World War, one of its side objectives was to evict as many Jews as possible, to scare the hell out of them, so they go to Palestine. [They said:] 'We are creating a state for you.' So thy are playing this, whether they like it or not, they are stuck. They are absolutely stuck.


"So deep inside the genuine Jew, he knows that it is Armageddon, as they call it, to them... Because they have no chance of survival, it is absolutely a graveyard."


Muhammad Shirazi: "The Caliphate is established, I don't want to say scenario, but okay, let's put it scenario, what happens to the thousands and thousands of Jews who are living [there]?"

Abdul Waheed: "I genuinely don't think that there will be much of a battle, because the type of... It represents... Believe me, I have been there, you have been there... I have visited there.

"I have never come across a more cowardly group of people. They will not stay when there is a sincere Islamic leadership that unites the people.


"The West is willing to sacrifice the Zionists in Palestine, and they always have been."


Malkawi: "So the real interests that the Caliphate will go after are the interests of the superpowers. We will not consider their toys as the enemies.


"Once the Caliphate comes, our issue is not the Jewish state, the Jewish people, our issue is the one who installed them, Britain, and the U.S., that supports them."

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