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Nov 11, 2022
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Lebanese Researcher Ali Fadlallah: The West Is Weak And Reliant On Technology, While Muslim Fighters Are Strong, Motivated; It's Good That Tel Aviv Is The Gay Capital Of The World – Gays And Perverts Have No Fighting Spirit

#9924 | 02:33
Source: Al-Masirah TV (Yemen)

Lebanese researcher Ali Fadlallah said in an October 12, 2022 show on Al-Masirah TV (Houthis-Yemen), that Western armies are no longer capable of "face-to-face combat," are reliant on technology, and lack fighting spirit. He said that in contrast, the Muslims have strong and motivated fighters, and he explained that Islam is a "strong, integrated, and ideological religion" whose fighters cannot be defeated. In addition, he said that it is "good news" that Tel Aviv is the gay capital of the world, because homosexuals and "perverts" do not have the will to fight and sacrifice. Moreover, Fadlallah said that it is "well-known" who is behind the porn and prostitution industries, but that people do not speak about this because they are scared of being called antisemitic.

Ali Fadlallah: "The [Western] armies are no longer capable of conducting face-to-face combat. The only alternative is to rely on technological development. Today, Western armies are fighting from afar, without any danger."

Interviewer: "All this is because of the values that they claim to..."

Fadlallah: "They do not have any fighting spirit, and this is serious. In contrast, we have young people who are prepared to die, because they have a very firm ideological background.

"Islam is the strongest religion. I am not saying this in order to defend Islam, and it is not just me saying this, some Christians are also saying this. It is a very strong, integrated, and ideological religion. It can turn on into a very humane human being who, at the same time, is ready to die. Islam is a very strong religion, and it can..."

Interviewer: "[The Quran says:] 'Indeed, religion with Allah is Islam.'"

Fadlallah: "It can produce generations of true, ideology-driven fighters, who are unbeatable. No Western nation can produce this kind of fighters, in terms of face-to-face combat. They defeat them only from afar, using technology and [advanced] weapons.


"The good news is — and this is well known — that Tel Aviv, the [Israeli] entity's capital is the capital city of the world's homosexuals. This is good news for us. These people — who are perverted to such an extent in their personal conduct — will never fight."

Interviewer: "Homosexual tourists are going to Tel Aviv."

Fadlallah: "Yes. These people will never fight. They are not ready to sacrifice [themselves]."


Interviewer: "The Israeli enemy entity defines itself as a religious entity. Why has religion been violated to such an extreme there? As it was shown in the report, the so-called 'Tel Aviv' has become a tourist destination for all the homosexuals or pervert of the world."

Fadlallah: "What I am going to say might be considered antisemitic, although it is not. People who know... Who has given rise to the pornographic movies industry? Who has taken this great sin and turned it into a global business?"

Interviewer: "The Zionist Jews."

Fadlallah: "Who are behind the whorehouses and nightclubs always and everywhere? Who is behind this filthy business. This filthy money? It is well known, but it is often left unsaid, so that you are not accused [of antisemitism].

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