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May 15, 2007
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Head of the Palestinian Islamic Council in Lebanon Sheik Muhammad Nimr Zaghmout: If Killing Zionist Jews, Americans, English, and French in Palestine, Iraq, and Afghanistan Is Considered to Be Terrorism – I Am the Number One Terrorist

#1463 | 03:53
Source: Al-Kawthar TV (Iran)

Following are excerpts from an interview with Muhammad Nimr Al-Zaghmout, head of the Islamic Palestinian Council in Lebanon, which aired on Al-Kawthar TV on May 15, 2007:

Muhammad Nimr Al-Zaghmout: Palestine will be regained only by fighting the Zionists. I'm not saying "fighting the Jews," because these people are a bunch of plundering Zionist gangs, who came at the command of Britain, and later of America and Europe. I believe that the only way to liberate Palestine is by Jihad.


The [Arab] initiative came into being at the order of Bush, Blair, and Jacques Chirac. Condoleezza Rice came carrying a stick, and dragged them by the ear... She dragged by the ear all the leaders and the heads of security, and ordered them to come one by one. She said: "You must do one, two, three, four, five..." She said to all the leaders: "We want you to come up with an initiative," and to declare their loyalty and obedience to what's-his-name...

Interviewer: Olmert...

Muhammad Nimr Al-Zaghmout: Yes. "Otherwise, here's the stick." "We will stop protecting you from Iran." They made Iran into such a boogeyman... "We want to protect you from Iran, but if you don't meet our demands we will allow Iran to devour you."


If King Abdullah relives us of his evil, and does not protect the Zionist entity, we will be ready to liberate our country. He should not serve as a border police [defending Israel], he should not fight and kill the mujahideen, and should not prevent the aid from the mujahideen. He should relieve us of his evil, and we know our country's affairs best.


If you prevent me from waging Jihad – [you should remember] that the friend of my enemy is my enemy, and the enemy of my enemy is my friend.


We are living in times when Jihad is called perdition, prostitution is called tourism, cowardice is called wisdom, and collaboration is called diplomacy. By Allah, these concepts have not changed for us. Jihad will remain Jihad, cowardice will remain cowardice, treason will remain treason, collaboration will remain collaboration, and prostitution will remain prostitution.


Our number one enemy is Satan, and then comes the greatest taghout idol, in the form of Bush, Blair, and the Zionist Crusaders. These have become the mentors of our Arab leaders.


The Koran says: "Make ready for them what strength you can..." But we say to Allah: We don't want to, because we're afraid that they will call us terrorists. If killing the Zionist Jews, the Americans, the English, and the French in Palestine, in Iraq, and in Afghanistan is considered to be terrorism – I am the number one terrorist.


The Prophet of Allah has promised us that the Jews will gather in Palestine, and that the Muslims will fight them, and totally kill them. Even the stone and the tree will say: "Oh Muslims, there is a Jew behind me, come and kill him." You might tell me that I am relying on supernatural hadiths. I believe this is not supernatural but is the core of our belief.

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