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The goal of MEMRI's JTTM is to inform government, military, intelligence agencies, and academia, of potential threats to public safety, security, and crucial interests and assets. Subscribers to JTTM will have access to vital information, including exclusive and breaking news and difficult-to-translate content.

MEMRI offers tiered subscription plans with varying rates.

The JTTM is not intended for media, contractors, or the general public; however, for specific requests please contact the JTTM.

For more information about subscription rates and policies, please contact MEMRI by phone at 202-955-9070 or by e-mail: [email protected]

To request subscription information for full access to this site, please complete the form below. In order for your request to be processed, be sure to use your institutional email address and to include details of your institution.

For information on subscribing to the Iran Threat Monitor or the Russia Threat Monitor, please send an email to [email protected]; and include 'Subscribe to Iran Threat Monitor' or 'Subscribe to Russia Threat Monitor' in the subject line.