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Oct 13, 2023
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Florida Friday Sermon By Husam Kablawi Following October 7: Don't Let The Zionists Convince You That You're The Bad Guy; Do Palestinians Have Nothing Better To Do Than To Rape The Women Of The Jews? Muslims Can Marry Up To Four Women, We Don't Need Anyone Else

#10904 | 02:24
Source: Online Platforms - "Boca Raton Channel on YouTube"

In his October 13, 2023 Friday sermon at the Boca Raton Islamic Center, Husam Kablawi discussed the events of the October 7 Hamas attack on Israel. He said that the lesson from the attack is that Muslims should be proud of their religion and the Islamic nation "regardless of the attempts of the Zionist movement to manipulate you and convince you that you are the bad guy." He continued to say that he cannot be convinced that the pious Palestinian brothers and sisters are killing babies and raping women. Kablawi added: "Like they have nothing better to do than to rape the women of the Jews." He said that Muslims are allowed to marry up to four women, so they do not need anyone else. Husam Kablawi (also spelled Hussam Kablawi) is the former president of the Florida International University Muslim Students Association (FIU MSA). The sermon was uploaded to Boca Raton Channel on YouTube.

Husam Kablawi: "This is the style and the recipe of the Zionists, and the recipe of the oppressors and the tyrants. They will do everything they can to convince the world that they are the ones that are oppressed and what you did is so bad. Oh brothers, we as Muslims, regardless of where you are from, we, as Muslims, do not start the story of Palestine on Saturday's [October 7] events.


"The second lesson from this weekend is have some honor, dignity, and self-respect. Be proud of your religion, be proud of your Islamic nation, regardless of the attempts of the Zionist movement to manipulate you and convince you that you are the bad guy.


"So for you to come now and try to convince me that my Palestinian brothers and sisters, who memorize the Book of Allah, who don't miss a prayer, who are making the night vigil every night, are killing babies, are raping women, are terrorists? No, my friend.


"The women that they alleged were raped ­– bogus. Always assume the best of your brother and sister, who is fighting for his land and liberation under the apartheid state of Israel. Beware not to believe anything negative that anyone says about them.


"After all of that, we are going to assume that they are out there raping women – like they have nothing better to do than to rape the women of the Jews. My friend, in Islam, we can marry one, two, three, and four (wives). Allah be praised, we don't need anyone else. We have our own Muslim women who are honorable and dignified.


"Oh Allah, support our brothers in Palestine. Oh Allah, support our brothers in Gaza. Oh Allah, guide their shooting and unite their ranks."

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