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Jul 10, 2011
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Egyptian Sociologist Saadudin Ibrahim: The Egyptian Revolution Might Give Rise to a New Napoleon

#3031 | 01:52
Source: CBC TV (Egypt)

Following are excerpts from an interview with Egyptian sociologist Saadudin Ibrahim, which aired on CBC TV on July 10, 2011:

Interviewer: Do you believe that the military council might hijack the revolution?

Saadudin Ibrahim: Of course.

Interviewer: How exactly?

Saadudin Ibrahim: If there is a state of chaos, and the various parties are incapable of reaching an agreement, they will tell you that for the sake of the country's security and stability, and in order to defend the national soil and protect the country from danger, the [military] council has resolved to remain in power until the matter is decided.

Interviewer: What you are saying is very serious, because all the statements by the military council emphasize that they would like to step down tomorrow, if not today.

Saadudin Ibrahim: Right.

Interviewer: They say that they would like to transfer powers today, that they do not want to postpone the elections, that they were asked to prolong the interim period, but refused… How could you possibly say that they want to remain in power?


Saadudin Ibrahim: This does not have to be their declared intention. Still, the military council can hijack the revolution.


Interviewer: The truth is that the public is divided between the liberal forces and the religious forces.

Saadudin Ibrahim: True, and this leaves room for the role played by Napoleon.

Interviewer: So Egypt is waiting for another Napoleon?

Saadudin Ibrahim: it is possible.

Interviewer: And this Napoleon will emerge from the military council or from the elections?

Saadudin Ibrahim: He could emerge from either.


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