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Mar 14, 2022
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Chinese Journalist Hu Xijin: Russia Does Not Need China's Military Assistance, But We Won't Promise Not To Provide It; We Won't Seek To Ease Tensions At The Expense Of Our Relations With Russia

#9446 | 02:18
Source: Online Platforms - "The Global Times (China) on YouTube"

In an installment of the English-language "Hu Says" series that was uploaded to YouTube by the Chinese state-run outlet Global Times on March 14, 2022, Chinese journalist Hu Xijin said that recent Western media claims that Russia has asked China to send it drones and other military aid are nothing more than a Western attempt to exert pressure on China. He said that Washington is "arrogant" and has no right to make demands on China, that Russia is a major military power that does not need China's help in Ukraine, and that China is not obligated to make any promises to not export weapons to Russia. He emphasized that China will continue exporting commodities to Russia and importing Russian energy, wheat, and corn. Hu also stressed that China has an independent foreign policy and that it will not seek to ease tensions with the U.S. by damaging its relations with Russia. Hu Xijin has previously served as the Editor-in-Chief of Global Times, a position he stepped down from in December 2021. For more about Hu Xijin, see MEMRI TV Clips No. 9397, No. 9254, No. 9247, No. 9226, No. 9223, No. 9148, No. 9142, No. 9058, No. 8546, No. 8522, No. 8510, and No. 8504.

Hu Xijin: "US and UK media outlets on Sunday cited anonymous US officials claiming that Russia has asked China for military assistance in Ukraine including drones. These unverifiable remarks were spread by the US before the meeting between Yang Jiechi and Jake Sullivan in Rome on Monday in an apparent attempt to put pressure on China.

"On the same day, Sullivan told US media that there will 'absolutely be consequences' for 'large-scale' efforts to give the Kremline a workaround to US sanctions. I want to say Washington is too arrogant. As a major military industrial power, Russia does not need to ask China to provide substantial military assistance for the limited-scale war in Ukraine.

"Moreover, China is not obligated to promise not to export arms to Russia and Washington has no right to demand that of China. Sharing a comprehensive strategic partnership of coordination, China will certainly continue to develop relations with Russia and Russia will continue to export energy, wheat and corn to China.

"Besides, China will export commodities needed by Russia. By wanting to stop China-Russia trade, does the US think it is God? China is a major power pursuing an independent foreign policy and China-US relations must be mutually respectful. China will not seek to ease the tensions with the US by damaging China-Russia relations."

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