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Dec 10, 2020
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Chinese Journalist Hu Xijin Ridicules The U.S. On International Human Rights Day: America Uses The Concept Of Human Rights As A Political Tool; Its Own Record Is Terrible, It Shouldn't Lecture China

#8522 | 01:27
Source: Online Platforms - "Hu Xijin no YouTube"

Chinese journalist Hu Xijin, the Editor-in-Chief of the Chinese state-run Global Times journal, said in a video that was uploaded to his YouTube channel on December 10, 2020, which was International Human Rights Day, that the United States is the country with the most visible collapse when it comes to human rights. He criticized the U.S. and other Western countries for using the concept of human rights as a political tool, and he gave the example of Hong Kong, where he said American actions do not promote human rights, but rather are meant to hamper China's progress. Hu Xijin said that more and more Chinese people are thinking that America has a terrible human rights record. He added: "If the U.S. lectures China about human rights again, the Chinese people will despise its hypocrisy from the bottom of their hearts."

Hu Xijin: "December 10th is International Human Rights Day. This year, if you looked for the global human rights marshland, the United States it the country with the most visible collapse.


"The current problem is that the United States and some Western countries regard human rights as their own high-quality diplomatic resources. The United States in particular is increasingly using human rights as a tool for facilitating external pressure. As to whether this is really conducive to promoting human rights, this is simply not in Washington's real interest. In Hong Kong, for example, the core issue is restoring order. The United States, on the other hand, has labeled it a human rights issue with a series of interventions.

"Those actions, which cannot improve human rights in Hong Kong at all, do add to the troubles and costs of the rise of China, and this is exactly what Washington wants. With its rapid developments, China has made great strides in human rights over the past few years. Specifically, one important change is the unprecedented maturity of the Chinese people's ability to think independently about modern human rights. The 'American idol' has basically collapsed. Especially after the pandemic, more and more Chinese people see through the U.S. and really think its human rights record is terrible. If the U.S. lectures China about human rights again, the Chinese will despise its hypocrisy from the bottom of their hearts."

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