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Sep 13, 2021
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Chinese Journalist Hu Xijin: If The U.S. Changes The Name Of Its Representative Office In Taiwan, China Will Recall Its Ambassador, Take Economic, Military Action

#9148 | 02:03
Source: Online Platforms - "The Global Times on YouTube"

Hu Xijin, the Editor-in-Chief of the state-owned Chinese newspaper The Global Times, said in a video that was uploaded to The Global Times Youtube Channel on September 13, 2021 that should the United States officially change the name of its representative office in Taiwan to the "Taiwan Representative Office," this will trigger an "unprecedented response" from Beijing. He said that China would recall its Ambassador to the United States and take economic and military action against the "arrogance" of the U.S. and Taiwan. He said that Chinese fighter jets would fly over Taiwan, and he accused Taiwan and the U.S. of challenging China's cause of peace in Taiwan. He added: "The Taiwan question is getting close to the tipping point." For more about Hu Xijin, see MEMRI TV Clips No. 8504, No. 8510, No. 8522, No. 8546, and No. 9058.

Hu Xijin: "Media is widely reporting that the US is evaluating whether it should respond to Taiwan’s request and change the name of it representative office in the US from 'Taipei Economic and Cultural Representative Office' to 'Taiwan Representative Office.' This is obviously to test the attitude of the Chinese mainland. I think this test is unnecessary.

"As soon as the US and Taiwan do so, it will trigger an unprecedented response from Beijing. At the very least, Beijing will recall its ambassador to the US, as it did in Lithuania for the same reason. And this is merely the diplomatic retaliatory measures. Beijing will definitely take economic and military actions against the arrogance of the US and Taiwan. 

"At this point, it is foreseeable that the mainland fighter jets will fly over the island of Taiwan. The mainland has been planning it for a long time.  I’d like to point out that the US and Taiwan have continued to increase the mainland’s cost of maintaining peace in the Taiwan Straits. More than half of China’s diplomatic troubles have to do with the Taiwan question. Calls for a thorough solution to the Taiwan question through force are consistently increasing in the mainland. The Taiwan question is getting very close to the tipping point."

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