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Dec 27, 2004
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Zahra's Blue Eyes - Episode 3: Zahra Is Taken to Itzhak and Theodor Cohen's Mansion

#442 | 07:33
Source: Sahar TV (Iran)

The following are excerpts from Episode three of the new antisemitic Iranian TV series " For you, Palestine" or "Zahra's Blue Eyes" Sahar 1 TV (Iran), December 27, 2004:

Other episodes and an interview with the director are MEMRI TV clips 420, 421, 431, and 442.

Children: What a beautiful place this is!

Eye doctor: Is the doctor in?

Nurse: Yes.

Eye doctor: Thank you.

Nurse: Doctor, they have brought the children.

Eye doctor: Layla Ramadan!

Girl: Layla, he's calling you.

Zaynab:Come, Layla..

Eye doctor: No, no. You'd better not go in.

Zaynab: I am these children's doctor.

Eye doctor: Don't worry, we are here. [To Layla] Come in.


President: Don't worry about the elections. Trust me, don't worry at all.

Itzhak Cohen: Sir, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

President: By the way, Itzhak, go ahead with your nice medical project. There are many people like me who need new and healthy human organs. You can also educate others to follow your path. Go ahead, Itzhak.

Itzhak Cohen: Sir, the coast is one of the safest places to cultivate and breed vegetative body organs.

President: Alright.


Eye doctor [to Layla]:: Look over here. Well done. Stay still. Excellent. Great. Open wider.

Officer: Good. What was the condition of the other children?

Other doctor: They didn't meet the requirements. But there were one or two with two good kidneys. I have written their numbers for the day we might need them.

Officer: Good, good.


Zaynab: The doctor says that all the children are healthy… Except…

Grandfather: Except who?

Zaynab: Zahra.

Grandfather: Zahra?! My granddaughter Zahra? Impossible. I swear Zahra is healthy.

Zaynab: Don't worry, Ahmed, please. Zahra will simply stay here at the hospital.

Grandfather: I will not allow her to stay here. Zaynab, believe me, Zahra is healthy. I swear by Allah that she is healthy.

Doctor: If you really love your granddaughter, you must think of her health. I'm sure that you don't want her to be blind for the rest of her life. At this point, we cannot perform the operation because her body is weak. She needs to remain under supervision for a while, to prepare her for the operation.

Grandfather: I can't believe it. I must be with her. I can’t leave her alone.

Doctor: No problem, you may accompany her. [To Zaynab] You'd better get ready to return to the refugee camp.


Ambulance driver: Come on, move. Get off. Come on, we're here. Get off, come on. You have to walk the rest of the way.

Zaynab: Aren't you taking us to the refugee camp?

Ambulance driver: I don't care. Get off, you. Get off. Get off…

Girl: I'm scared.

Zaynab: Wait a minute, don't worry. Where is your compassion? You are inhumane! Don't worry, my dears. Allah's curses be on all of you! Don’t worry. Come… Come… Come with me… Come…


Grandfather: Where are we now?

Officer: In a convalescent home.

Grandfather: Does it belong to the Red Cross or the UN?

Officer: Come with me.


Officer: Excuse me for disturbing, sir.

Itzhak Cohen: Go ahead.

Officer: I wanted to say that you can see Theodor.


Itzhak Cohen: How is he now?

Nurse: Better. But he is in discomfort. It is natural, a three-month hospital stay is not a simple thing.

Officer: London has cooperated with us many times.

Itzhak Cohen: His leg… How is his leg?

Nurse: It is hard for him to walk now, and it will take time for the scar tissue to heal. But his medical condition is much better.


Grandfather: There must be some secret. Since when do the Zionists care about our health, they of all people, who do nothing for free, not even for their fellow Jews.

Woman: How can they benefit from a little girl?

Grandfather: I recall that many of our young men were by the Zionists and never returned to their homes.


Young man: Abu Hamed! Abu Hamed! It's Ismail. Ismail has done a great thing.

Grandfather: Ismail?

Young man: Yes, Ismail. He has caught the spy and is bringing him here.

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