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May 27, 2021
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D.C.-Based Palestinian Academic Mohamed Rabie: The Jews, 'Mostly The Zionists,' Control U.S. Media, Bribe Politicians, Make Americans Ignorant; The West Committed Massacres Because It Has No Conscience

#8926 | 02:27
Source: Sada Al-Balad (Egypt)

U.S.-Based Palestinian professor Mohamed Rabie said that the Jews, mostly the Zionists, control American media and bribe politicians on both sides. He made these remarks in an interview that aired on Sada Al-Balad TV (Egypt) on May 27, 2021. Professor Rabie said this why "they take all that money from Congress, and they turned the American people ignorant." He explained that American people are ignorant and uneducated and added that only 100-150 universities produce "good graduates." Professor Rabie gave an example from a time when he taught at a "university for Blacks," and claimed that his students could not follow the course work and he had to help them with mathematics instead of teaching economics. He added that Americans are racist, and that this is why the West committed massacres around the world. According to his social media accounts, Professor Rabie is a member of the advisory board for the Cambridge Centre for Palestinian Studies and has taught at Johns Hopkins University, Georgetown University, St. Gallen University in Switzerland, and Erfurt University in Germany.

Mohamed Rabie: "The Jews — mostly the Zionists — have taken control of the media. Simultaneously, they have taken over the decision-making, by using their money. We [Arabs] do not know how to use our money. When there are elections, they donate to candidates from both parties. They buy in advance both the candidate who makes it to Congress and the one who doesn't. This is why they take all that money from Congress, and they turned the American people ignorant.

"The Americans are an ignorant people. They are uneducated. There are about three times as many university graduates among the Palestinians compared to Americans. People don't know this. Furthermore, there are about 100 or 150 universities in the entire U.S. that produce good graduates. While the other universities...

"I taught at a university for Blacks. The students were unable to listen for the full duration of the course. They simply could not. I offered to help these kids with everything. I had to help them with mathematics instead of teaching them economics, because they did not know anything. These are college graduates. What kind of work can they do? This is the American people.

"Let me give you an example of how much the media disregarded not only the Palestinians, but the American people as well. There wasn't a single media outlet, a think tank — and not even an official American agency like the security services — that was able to predict or at least say there is a possibility that Trump would win the elections. This proves that they do not know their own people. They do not know what is going on in the U.S. There is total racism in that nation, because if they had any compassion... The West would not have perpetrated the massacres in the Arab countries, in Africa, in Latin America, or against native Americans and Blacks, if only the West had a conscience. The conscience that we are talking about was born with agrarian society, which emerged in the region between the Nile and the Euphrates. Conscience emerged with us. The ancient history books all say that conscience emerged in this region."

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