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May 19, 2015
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Wahda Al-Jumaili, Advisor to Iraqi Parliament Speaker: Int'l Coalition Dropped Weapons, Which Enabled ISIS Takeover of Ramadi

#4917 | 01:17
Source: Dijlah TV (Iraq)

In a May 19 interview with the Iraqi Dijlah TV, Wahda Al-Jumaili, an advisor to Iraq's parliamentary speaker, claimed that the international coalition helped ISIS take over Ramadi. She criticized the Iraqi army and security forces for fleeing Ramadi, stating that "this will go down in history as a great defeat."

Following are excerpts:

Wahda Al-Jumaili: The fall of Al-Anbar came as a surprise. It was a shock to us all. This points to a lack of a clear security strategy, or to the lack of preparedness by the security forces, or even by the high command of the security forces, with the aim of vanquishing terrorism.


ISIS has taken over the supplies of the Iraqi army and security forces that fled. I am very sorry to say this. This will go down in history as a great defeat.


Whether this was the result of treason, neglect, or conspiracy, or a regional or international plot… Even the international coalition has played a bad role. People saw the international coalition dropping weapons for ISIS. They dropped heavy weaponry to the forces of terrorism in Ramadi. This is an act of treason by the international coalition forces.


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