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Aug 31, 2020
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Senior UAE Official Dr. Ali Al-Noaimi: The UAE-Israel Deal Is Not a Mere Diplomatic Accord – We Want to Make Israelis Feel That They Belong in the Region

#8258 | 05:12
Source: i24 TV (Israel)Sky News Arabia (UAE)

Dr. Ali Al-Noaimi, the Chairman of the UAE Federal National Council’s Defense, Interior, and Foreign Affairs Committee, said in an August 31, 2020 show on Sky News Arabia (UAE) and in an August 16, 2020 show on i24 TV (Israel) that the recent UAE-Israel peace deal is a comprehensive peace that is meant to open new horizons for Arabs and Israelis alike. He emphasized that this agreement is should not be compared previous agreements between Israel and Arab countries, in that it is intended to bring “hope for a decent life” to the younger generation of all Arab countries and the Palestinians, in particular.  Dr. Al-Noaimi said that the UAE hopes the peace deal will bring stability, security, love, peace, and cooperation in the fields of global relations, politics, medicine, and technology. He said that people are tired of being held prisoner by conflicts, and that the UAE’s vision is to build bridges and send a message of peace to Israelis, Arabs, and Iranians.

Following are excerpts:


Dr. Ali Al-Noaimi on August 31, 2020: "This [UAE-Israel] peace agreement is not [merely] a non-aggression pact. It embodies the full meaning of the word “peace,” with a focus on coexistence. It is peace in the comprehensive sense that opens new horizons to all, whether in the sense of governmental relations in the areas of politics, economy, health, technology, and more, or with regard to relations between the people and the private sectors on both sides. In the UAE, we do not want this agreement to be compared to previous [Arab-Israeli] agreements. We want to open new horizons not just for the younger generations of Emiratis, but for all Arabs, and especially for the younger generation of Palestinians. We want to see hope for a decent life in which we can live together on the basis of security, stability, love, and peace, without excluding anyone.




"Our approach is one of an open mind and an open heart, and we are ready to cooperate in all aspects. If we talk about the scientific, academic, and technological aspects, we realize that the Israeli universities are ranked among the best in the world. Their research centers in medicine, agriculture, and technology are very advanced and are considered among the best in the world. The truth is that we have our eyes set on cooperation that serves both sides, and opens new horizons for the region. We expect this cooperation to create new projects and job opportunities for the young people across the Arab world. They have [many] achievements, and so do we in some areas. We wish to merge these achievements and move the region to a better situation, where young Arabs can enjoy a better future, instead of falling victim to conflicts and crises."




On August 16, 2020: "I believe that the people in the region – not just the people in Israel and the UAE, but throughout the region – are sick and tired of being held prisoner by conflicts, by the past and by everything that tears us apart. They are looking forward to a new life and a new discourse, and this is what has just happened. I believe that the jubilation of the Emiratis about this peace agreement encompasses all the people of the region.




"The UAE does not view this agreement as a [mere] political accord, or an agreement between two governments. We view this agreement as a peace plan for the entire region. We want the message of peace to reach everybody. We want the Emiratis, the Israelis, the people of the Gulf, the Arabs, and the Iranians to enjoy peace. This is our vision and this is our proposal. So we do not view this agreement merely as a diplomatic accord in which several issues will be agreed upon. We want a new enterprise for the entire region. We want the Israeli people to feel that they belong, to feel secure, and to feel that they are one of the natural components of this region. We want them to feel that they are welcome. We look at this from a strategic perspective. We want everybody to live in peace. We do not want one side to live peacefully, while the others continue to be held prisoner by the past. The leaders of Israel and the UAE agreed that we should go ahead, and we are certain that the others will follow.




"This is not about a coalition, but about changing the entire region – changing the political discourse, the religious discourse, the media discourse, the cultural relations, and changing the way that each side views the other. Instead of an exclusionist, doubtful, and hostile perspective we want to build bridges that will make the entire region feel as one."

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