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Feb 02, 2024
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UAE-Based Lebanese Journalist Layal Alekhtiar, Wanted By Lebanese Military Court For Interviewing Israeli Military Official: The 'Culture Of Death' Has Destroyed Half Of Lebanon And Other Arab Countries – I Have Chosen The 'Culture Of Life'

#10922 | 02:09
Source: Al-Mashhad TV (UAE)

Lebanese journalist and Al-Arabiya Network TV host Layal Alekhtiar said in a February 2, 2024 interview that aired on Al-Mashhad TV [UAE] that she has chosen the "culture of life," while the "culture of death" has destroyed half of Lebanon and other Arab countries. A Lebanese military court has issued an arrest warrant against Alekhtiar after she interviewed Israeli military Arabic-language spokesman Avichay Adraee in the days following the October 7 attack on Israel. She said that Hizbullah sacrfices the people of south Lebanon in order to fight Israel, congratulates their family members on their death, and tells them that they too will be killed. Alekhtiar said that the people in Gaza and Palestine are being politically "exploited."

Layal Alekhitar: "There are two completely different cultures in Lebanon and in the region: There is the culture of life and there is a culture of death. We have chosen to be among the people promoting the culture of life. It is true that the culture of life entrusts us with great responsibility, but it is our future. It allows us to build a better future for our children and for future generations.

"The culture of death, which they are promoting…They have destroyed half of Lebanon because of this culture – not just Lebanon, the [other] Arab countries as well. See the difference [between the two cultures].


"[Hizbullah] sacrifices people to fight Israel. Show me one thing they achieved by this war. Today, you hear people talking about this. People are asking: 'What are we sacrificing our children for?' You can no longer fool people with ideological rhetoric. There is a paradox here. While extending condolences to these people, you say to them: 'You will also die.' You 'congratulate' them for the death [of their family member], and you promise them that they will die too…"


Interviewer: "The people who are being killed in south [Lebanon] – are they not defending the borders? Are they not supporting the people of Gaza?"

Alekhitar: "For whose sake are they supporting the people of Gaza?"

Interviewer: "What do you mean?"

Alekhitar: "You follow the politics…"

Interviewer: "Of course, but I am asking you."

Alekhitar: "For whose sake are they supporting the people of Gaza?"

Interviewer: "For whose sake do you think?"

Alekhitar: "They built a force called 'Al-Quds Force,' but none of its members is marching towards Al-Quds [Jerusalem]…What Jerusalem are they talking about? Even the Palestinians themselves, the people of Gaza themselves…I have many [Palestinian] colleagues here [in the UAE]…They know that they have been exploited politically. They know they have been sold out.

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