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Nov 16, 2015
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TV Host Ibrahim Issa Slams Egyptian Media for Adopting Conspiracy Theories: The Paris Bombers Were Not Buddhists

#5170 | 03:57
Source: Al-Kahera Wal-Nas TV (Egypt)

In the November 16 episodes of his show on Al-Khaera Wal-Nas TV, Egyptian journalist Ibrahim Issa discussed the reactions of the Egyptian media and politicians to the Paris terror attacks. Issa criticized the common claim that ISIS “has nothing to do with Islam” as well as the conspiracy theories that attribute terror attacks to Western intelligence agencies. “How can this be a conspiracy when the Congress sends 1.3 billion dollars to Egypt every year?” he asked.

Ibrahim Issa: "The story about a conspiracy… How does it work exactly? How can (the West), which sends you one million tourists conspire against you? How can this be a (Western) conspiracy theory, when the Congress sends you $1.3 billion In American aid? How exactly?! The West conspires against you but sends you $1.3 billion dollars?


"People say to you: The perpetrators had nothing to do with Islam! Islam is innocent of what these people did, they add. Well, thank you...


"Five minutes after such an attack, people say: 'Some intelligence agency did it. This was not done by ISIS. What ISIS are you talking about?! The intelligence agencies were behind it.' Some of the more stoned among them even say that the Americans did it to France. Why would they do it to France? Why? I'd like to ask the geniuses who claim this: Why? What for? 'In order to attack Islam,' they say. You son of a… This is just great. What Islam are they attacking exactly? When we attack the terrorists here in Egypt, are we attacking Islam? Do they really need to kill people of their own country, society or culture, just so that they will have an excuse to attack the terrorists?! Attacking terrorists requires no justification, by the way.


"These two narratives are heard after every terrorist attack in Europe or America. You always hear them from the Arabs and the Muslims - or, to be more accurate, you hear them from the Arabs. The Muslims of Indonesia, Singapore, India, and... Well, the Pakistanis are like us... The Muslims in those parts are much more enlightened than the Arabs. This is a problem of the Arabs, of the Arab culture.


"As for the claim that they are not (real) Muslims... What are they, then? They kill in the name of Islam. They are Muslims. What else can we call them?


"They are Muslims. This is not up for discussion. They consider themselves to be the only true Muslims. They have a certain perception of Islam, and believe that true Islam is the Islam that kills people in theatres, and carries out bombings. They justify their actions with fatwas based on the commentary of some Quranic verses, and on hadiths that appear in the Al-Bukhari hadith collection. It's in Al-Bukhari, you liars! They rely on a jurisprudent whom they consider to be a big deal, 'Sheikh Al-Islam' Ibn Taymiyya, and on Muhammad Ibn 'Abd al-Wahhab and all his products: Accusing the other of heresy, accusing whole societies of being jahili, and say that they deserve to be killed. They say that a war is waged against Islam by the enemies of Allah, who affronted and insulted the Prophet Muhammad, and, therefore, they deserve to be killed, deserve to be killed, deserve to be killed! All of this is written in our own books! If you think that (the terrorists) are wrong, say so, but don't say: 'How could they possibly be called Muslims?' What are we supposed to call them? Buddhists?"

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