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Mar 27, 2024
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Turkey-Based Hamas Official Talal Nassar: Egypt Is An Accomplice To Israel's Siege And Killings In Gaza; There Is No Difference Between Al-Sisi And Netanyahu

#10986 | 00:50
Source: Channel 9/Qanat TV (Turkey)

Turkey-based Hamas official Talal Nassar said in a March 25, 2024 show on Channel 9 (Turkey) that Egypt is an "accomplice" to Israel's siege and killings in the Gaza Strip and that there is no distinction between Egyptian President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who he referred to as "Stinki." It should be noted that Channel 9 did not post the show to its YouTube video channel, but this specific excerpt was posted by the host to his personal account.

Talal Nassar: "Egypt is an accomplice in our besieging and our killing. Only the most stupid person on Earth draws a distinction between Abdel Fattah [Al-Sisi] and Stinki[-yahoo]. Abdel Fattah is besieging us and killing us. Abdel Fattah is destroying us and lying to us and to the Egyptian people.


"My dear brother, Egypt under the leadership of Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi is nothing different than Israel under the leadership of Stinki-yahoo."

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