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Oct 24, 2023
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Turkey-Based Hamas Official Talal Nassar: Hamas Captured Israeli Women Because They Were Fighting Or Were Injured And Needed Treatment

#10563 | 01:02
Source: Al-Shoub TV (Turkey)

Turkey-based Hamas official Talal Nassar explained on an October 24, 2023 show on Al-Shoub TV (Turkey) that during the October 7 attack, Hamas only captured Israeli women who were fighting, who had weapons, or who were with the occupation soldiers. The show’s host asked how come Hamas had captured 21-year-old Mia Schem, who was not a fighter, but was dancing at a party in the Gaza Envelope. Nassar responded that she is "registered with the Israeli occupation army," and she was taken captive "because she was injured."

Talal Nassar: "Some [Israeli] women were captured [by Hamas], because they fought or were with the occupation soldiers, and some of them had weapons."

Host: "The Izz Al-Din Al-Qassam Brigades released footage of a 21-year-old Israeli girl, who had surgery performed on her arm. She was at a party. She was not a fighter. She was dancing in one of the Gaza Envelope settlements..."

Talal Nassar: "She is registered with the Israeli occupation army. She was given medical treatment because she was injured. Our guys did not kill her. They took her captive because she was injured."

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