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Jan 13, 2005
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Tsunami Reactions (11) - Retired Saudi General Dr. Anwar Ashqi: US Knew About Tsunami; Committed "Passive Murder," Isn't Generous

#486 | 02:29
Source: Channel 1 (Saudi Arabia)

Saudi General (ret.) Dr. Anwar Ashqi, Head of the Middle East Center for Strategic and Legal Studies appeared on Channel 1 (Saudi Arabia) on January 13, 2005:

Ashqi:The U.S., before the disaster, gave warning to its base in Diego Garcia and warned all of its shores about this earthquake. It did not, however, warn the governments of those countries. Had it warned those countries' governments, they could have warned their citizens, and if people had retreated to a distance of 15-30 meters from the shore, the loss of life would not have been so great. These things should be taken into account. Just as there is active murder, there is also passive murder. Did the U.S. understand this, or did it just not care?

Saudi Arabia, as always, is showing unparalleled generosity. If we look at this in terms of percentages, we will see that every year Saudi Arabia allocates three percent to seven percent of its budget to charity, while the U.S. and Europe, whom the media portrays as generous, allocate no more than 0.3 percent of their yearly budgets. This is a very small amount compared with Saudi Arabia. The Saudi people donate these charity funds for Allah's sake. But some countries allocate funds for donations simply in order to improve the buying power in the world, which brings them benefits in return. It benefits those superpowers. Hence, these superpowers should have given many times the amount we give. The West sends this aid as part of an overall plan. For instance, the funds sent to the affected countries and to the affected peoples will establish a presence... An economic presence through which the Western countries will reconstruct those areas. Second, the doors will open for missionaries to come to those areas. Third, the doors will open to security and intelligence personnel from the western countries. We don't want to behave as they are behaving, since they have their own strategic goals.

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