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Mar 12, 2023
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Tehran University Professor Foad Izadi On Renewal Of Saudi-Iran Relations: We Would All Be Zoroastrians Were It Not For The People Of The Hejaz – They Are Not Our Enemies; The Good News Is That The U.S. Is In Decline

#10173 | 02:05
Source: Al-Jazeera Network (Qatar)

Foad Izadi, an associate professor at the University of Tehran's Faculty of World Studies, said in a March 12, 2023 panel at the 14th Al-Jazeera Forum in Doha, Qatar that the recent renewal of diplomatic relations between Saudi Arabia and Iran is an indication that the region is moving beyond American "domination". He said that there is no reason for the two countries to note have good relations, that the Saudis are not Iran's enemies, and that the Iranians would all be Zoroastrians today were it not for the people of the Arabian Peninsula. He said that Iran will continue to confront Israel and provide the Palestinians with military aid, and that the "good news" is that the West, and particularly America, is in decline. The video of the panel was posted to the AlJazeera Forum YouTube channel and was titled "The War and the Middle East: Implications In Light of the Different Regional Roles".

Foad Izadi: "A couple of days ago, in Beijing, Iran and Saudi Arabia agreed to normalize relations, and to have an exchange of ambassadors within two months. This is good news. You know, in Iran, we do not consider the Saudis to be our enemies. We would be Zoroastrians if it were not for the people in the Hejaz.


"I think what happened in Beijing a couple of days ago shows that [reducing tension] is possible. It also shows that we are moving beyond a region that is dominated by the U.S.. There is no reason for Iran not to have good relations with Saudi Arabia, the same relations that Iran has with Qatar, Oman, Algeria, and many other countries.

"So I think we are turning a page on Iran's foreign policy. Not worrying about the West, [but] continuing to confront Israel. Israel is an apartheid state.

"The Palestinian cause needs to be supported — not just rhetorically, not just with money — the Palestinian cause needs to be supported through military aid. Iran is the only country that is doing that, and Iran will continue to do that. It is our responsibility and we are proud of it.

"So overall, I think we are basically moving beyond this, and the good news is that the West is in decline, especially the United States."

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