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Oct 23, 2021
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Syrian Political Commentator Alaa Al-Asfari: Thanks To Russia And Iran, Syrian Air Defense Systems Are No Joke; In The Future, Syria's Retaliation Against Israel Will Be Of Strategic Proportions

#9153 | 01:27
Source: Al-Manar TV (Lebanon)

Syrian political commentator Alaa Al-Asfari said in an October 23, 2021 interview on Al-Manar TV (Hizbullah-Lebanon) that now that terrorism in Syria is slowly retreating, it can turn its attention to the front with Israel. Al-Asfari said that Syria is one of the ten countries with the most advanced air defense systems in the world thanks to Russian missiles and Iranian technology. He explained that Iran has incorporated improvements in all its advanced air defense missiles, supplied by Russia, and that proof of this is the precision of rockets that were launched from Gaza to Tel Aviv during the recent May 2021 military conflict.

Alaa Al-Asfari: "Any direct Syrian retaliation against Israel in the future will be strategic, rather than tactical, and will have a tremendous effect. Syria has exercised a lot more restraint than necessary, because it has been waging a war against terror.

"Today, terrorism in Syria is slowly retreating, and Syria will soon be able to turn its attention to the Israeli front, especially since Syria’s air defense systems are no joke.

"Syria has become one of the leading ten countries in advanced [air defense] systems, thanks to Russia, of course, and thanks to Iranian technology.

"Iran is gradually incorporating many of its improvements into the highly accurate Russian weapon systems – into the S-300, into surface-to-surface missiles, and into S-200 systems...

"It has incorporated improvements and refurbished all these systems.

"This is the reason that the rockets launched from Gaza to Tel Aviv, during the Sword of Jerusalem [May 2021 military conflict], had accurate hits, and were not just random and meaningless rockets."

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