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Oct 27, 2008
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Syrian Government Affiliated Website Report on U.S. Missile Attack

#1885 | 02:10
Source: Online Platforms

Following is an excerpt from footage of the recent U.S. military strike in Syria, which was posted on www.syria-news.com, a website affiliated with the Syrian regime, on October 27, 2008.

Reporter: This time, the fire of the U.S. forces hit Syrian civilians within Syrian territory, in the Sukariya village, near the town of Bu Kamal, to be precise. The U.S. forces killed eight citizens and wounded at least one. A group of U.S. helicopters entered Syria on Sunday afternoon over the Iraqi border. Eye-witnesses said that there were four helicopters. Two helicopters landed, and a group of people got out. They opened fire on construction workers and civilians in the border village of Sukariya, before the helicopters returned to Iraqi territory. A senior source told the official Sana news agency that eight civilians had been killed in the operation, including one woman – the wife of the guard of the building that was attacked. Another person was wounded.

A senior source told the Sana news agency that Syria condemns this aggression, and places the responsibility for this attack and its consequences on the American forces. The source also called upon the Iraqi government to assume responsibility, to immediately investigate this dangerous violation, and to prevent the use of Iraqi land for aggression against Syria. Deputy Syrian Foreign Minister Faysal Al-Miqdad summoned the American chargé d’affaires in Damascus, and conveyed Syria’s protest and condemnation of this dangerous attack. He placed full responsibility on the U.S. administration.

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