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Nov 07, 2018
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Syrian Cleric Muhammad Bin Shams Al-Din: A Muslim Who Does Not Believe That the Jews and the Christians Are Infidels Is an Infidel Himself and Should Be Excommunicated

#6853 | 01:16
Source: Online Platforms - "Sheikh Shams Al-Din on YouTube"

Syrian Cleric Sheikh Muhammad Bin Shams Al-Din said that there is a consensus among all Muslim scholars that anyone who does not view the Christians and the Jews as infidels is an infidel himself. He encouraged viewers to "never stop accusing [such a person] of heresy," and said that this person should be excommunicated from the Muslim community. Sheikh Shams Al-Din uploaded the video to his YouTube channel on November 7, 2018.

Following are excerpts:


Muhammad Bin Shams Al-Din: There is consensus among Muslims that Jews and Christians are infidels. Moreover, there is consensus that anyone who does not view the Christians and the Jews as infidels is an infidel himself. A person who claims to be a Muslim, and then says that the Jews and the Christians are not infidels, is an infidel himself according to all Muslim scholars.




Such a person is an infidel and an unbeliever. Never cease to accuse him of heresy. Never shy away from this. A person who does [not] think that the Jews and the Christians are infidels is an infidel who should be excommunicated. He should not be allowed to marry a Muslim woman, must not be buried in a Muslim cemetery, and Muslims must not eat meat slaughtered by him, and his testimony must not be accepted.




None of the rules that guide Muslims should apply to him. He completely excommunicated himself when he said that.

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