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Feb 16, 2017
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Sudanese Imam Responds to Call for Normalization of Ties with Israel: Muslims' Enmity towards the Brothers of Pigs and Apes Stems from Their Belief in Allah.

#5949 | 03:53
Source: The Internet - "Al-Hadaya Al-Islamiya Network on YouTube"

In a Friday sermon delivered in Khartoum on February 17, Sudanese Imam Mohamed Abdul-Kareem responded to Sheikh Yousuf Al-Koda's call for normalization of ties with Israel, saying that any peace treaty with Israel is "null, void, and worthless" because "Jihad is a duty." Calling Sheikh Al-Koda a freemason, Abdul-Kareem said that "the Jews are people of deception and corruption," and that "Jewish tourists spread AIDS, corruption, and drugs" and "tamper with state security." For Sheikh Al-Koda's statements, see MEMRI TV clip 5920.

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