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Apr 28, 2024
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Fmr. President Of Jordanian Medical Association Dr. Tareq Tahboub: 90% Of The Content On TikTok Is Pro-Palestinian; Blonde, Tattooed European And American Girls Are Converting To Islam

#11087 | 01:04
Source: Yarmouk TV (Jordan)

Dr. Tareq Tahboub, the former President of the Jordanian Medical Association, said on an April 28, 2024 show on Yarmouk TV (Jordan) that 90% of the content on TikTok is pro-Palestinian. He said that the Internet is a "gift from Allah," giving voice to people who had "no means of expression" due to Zionist control of the media. Tahboub continued to say that now European and American blond girls with tattoos are converting to Islam, because they have been exposed to the Quran online. In early May, Al-Yarmouk TV, a Muslim Brotherhood affiliated channel, was shut down by Jordanian security authorities.

Dr. Tareq Tahboub: "Ninety percent of the content on TikTok is pro-Palestinian and the rest is not. It has increased people's awareness. It is a gift from God. In the early days of the internet, people were afraid of pornographic movies and whatnot."

Interviewer: "Yes, it is a double-edged sword."

Tahboub: "The internet is like anything else. Is it haram or halal? It depends on how you use it. It is a gift from Allah, to people who had no other means of expression, because the official media was under [Zionist] control."

Interviewer: "[The Internet] clearly serves the Palestinian cause."


Tahboub: "You see blond European and American girls in T-shirts, with tattoos all over their body, who say: 'I read the Quran and tomorrow I will be converting to Islam.' This is a result of learning about these ideas properly."

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