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May 13, 2024
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Hizbullah Sec.-Gen. Hassan Nasrallah Praises U.S. University Protests, Threatens To Allow Displaced Syrian To Leave Lebanon By Sea To Mainland Europe, Adds: This Will Make The American, European Ambassadors Pick Up The Phone

#11088 | 03:23
Source: Online Platforms - "Spot Shot (Lebanon) on YouTube"

Hizbullah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah spoke in a May 13, 2024 address uploaded to Spot Shot on YouTube about the solution for the Syrian refugees in Lebanon. He said that a few years back, he had spoken with Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad directly in order to solve the problem of refugees from an area in which Hizbullah was waging battle. Nasrallah said that a political consensus should be reached in Lebanon, agreeing to allow the refugees to set sail to Europe. He said that this would bring the American ambassador, along with European ambassadors, and the State Department to pick up the phone. Nasrallah also acknowledged the American campus encampments.

Hassan Nasrallah: "America speaks about freedom of speech, freedom of expression, democracy and pluralism... What did the university students do? They do not burn, break, or destroy anything, nor did they attack or kill anyone. Nothing. They held sit-ins and demonstrated. All they did was to raise the flag of Palestine and talk about Palestine. They did not even say that they support Hamas or Islamic Jihad. They talked about Palestine, the Palestinian people, the Palestinian women and children. All they are calling for is to stop the war. That's it.

"Everybody has seen the Palestinian police... How the American people dealt with the university students, What Biden said, what Trump said, what the Speaker of the House said, what the Republican party said, what many people said, how they demanded to deal with the students, and how they punished them.


"We all know that responsibility lies, first and foremost, with America and Europe – the so-called international community. I remember that a few years ago, I traveled to Damascus, and coordinated directly with President Al-Assad the return of the displaced Syrians to the Al-Qusayr region, because we [fought] in Al-Qusayr and people said that we are responsible.


"Their return to Syria was prevented by the Lebanese NGOs, which are funded by the Europeans, by the European NGOs, and by the European Commission. They provide them with financial support and services so they do not go back.


"Today, we should have a Lebanese consensus – a joint official and popular Lebanese position, to ‘open the sea’ [and let Syria refugees sail to Europe]. Let’s see the Prime Minister saying ‘no.’ After all, the army command is subjected to the political authority. Our cabinet members and most of the others agree to this. This requires national cover. Give them national cover. I have never suggested that we should force the displaced Syrians to board ships, and sail to Cyprus and Europe. I am not suggesting this now either. All I am saying is that they should  be given this freedom, that they should be given permission to do this. Now they are not allowed.


"As soon as this decision is made, the U.S. ambassador will pick up the phone, along with the European ambassadors, the State Department, and perhaps the Pentagon and the CIA, and they will make threats. The solution for this issue is easy. All that is required is political will. The solution is clear and easy. Then they will come to you and ask what the solution is. We will tell them that we want to help, along with the Syrian government, to get the refugees back to Syria, and give them aid in Syria. Everything will become solvable."


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