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Apr 29, 2022
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Senior Hamas Official Khalil Al-Hayya In Tehran: The Path To Victory Is Marked By The Blood Of Martyrs; We Do Not Fear Death

#9538 | 02:00
Source: Palestine Today TV (Palestinian Islamic Jihad)

Senior Hamas official Khalil Al-Hayya said in an April 29, 2022 International Quds Day speech in Tehran, Iran that aired on Palestine Today TV (Gaza/Lebanon) that the spirit of Islam and martyrdom is increasing every day in the souls and hearts of the Palestinians, who are determined to achieve victory. He said that death does not scare the Palestinians, that martyrdom brings one closer to Allah, and that the path of victory towards Jerusalem is marked by the blood of the martyrs. In addition, he said that fear of Israel and the U.S. has disappeared and that the Islamic nation, with Iran at its heart, supports the resistance and the Palestinian people. Khalil Al-Hayya's speech was translated live into Farsi. For more information about Khalil Al-Hayya, see MEMRI TV clips nos. 9176, 6293, 5811, 4685, and 3703.

Khalil Al-Hayya: "The spirit of Muslim resistance is increasing with every day. The spirit of martyrdom and martyrdom-seeking in our souls and hearts is growing every day. Rest assured, brothers, that you have people in Palestine who are determined to achieve victory.

"The martyrs, leaders, and sons that we sacrifice do not deter or scare us. Martyrdom means elevation and getting closer to Allah. The blood of the martyrs marks the path of victory towards Jerusalem and Palestine.

"Fear of the occupation — and the Americans behind it — has disappeared and will not return, Allah willing. We know full well that we have the Islamic nation behind us — with the Islamic Republic of Iran at its heart — and that it supports us, our resistance, and our people."

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