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Sep 07, 2020
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Senior Fatah Official Jibril Rajoub: We Agreed With Hamas On Peaceful Resistance That May Escalate Into An Intifada; We Want To Make People In Tel Aviv Feel That The Occupation Has Become Costly

#8278 | 03:29
Source: Palestinian Authority TV

Senior Fatah Official Jibril Rajoub, the Secretary of the Fatah Central Committee, said in a September 7, 2020 interview on Palestine TV that Fatah has come to an agreement with Hamas to engage in peaceful resistance against Israel that could potentially escalate into an Intifada. He said that at first, this resistance would be peaceful but "all options are on the table." Rajoub said that the Palestinians want to make the people in Tel Aviv feel that the occupation has become costly.

Jibril Rajoub: "If the situation escalates into a confrontation on the ground, there will be implications. [The Palestinian factions] have come to an agreement, and this can be seen in the [conference] declaration, that we will operate by means of popular resistance. We will take our inspiration from the first Intifada, in which all [the factions] participated. But this time, we will do this as a untied [front] with one agenda, one flag, and one goal: to foil all the conspiracies against our people and our cause. Practically, this means that there will be a unified national leadership that will dictate the activities and the tempo of this national struggle to the Palestinians all over the world. We expect that all the Palestinians will participate in this popular action, which will be peaceful at first, but the way it evolves will depend on how the occupation reacts. Under no circumstances will we allow [the Israelis] to remove even a single olive tree without paying the price, to beat a Palestinian without paying a price, or to demolish [a house] without paying a price. I want there to be a change in the rules of engagement, with everybody's agreement.


"They think that they can travel through Palestinian territories, build settlements, oppress, kill, humiliate, and uproot trees without paying a price for this. No! We will start taking action so that people in Tel Aviv feel that the occupation has become costly. In the first phase, the [struggle] will be popular and peaceful, but its evolvement will depend on the occupation's reaction.


"I am stating this clearly, so that nobody will misunderstand: We are talking about resistance in all its forms. In Fatah, we have no problem with this. All options are on the table, and no matter what decision is made, we in [Fatah's] Central Council will be on the front lines. Okay?


"We will move step by step. In the first phase, it will be a popular resistance. In the second phase, we will develop it. The third phase will be a comprehensive national rebellion in all of Palestine. All options will be open before the political leadership: The final [phase] is clear to us all – escalation all the way to comprehensive national rebellion. We will all take to the streets, and we will block them, so that every [Israeli] will be [trapped] for 7-8 hours.


"We have come to an agreement with our brothers in Hamas that the rules of engagement with the occupation will be mutually agreed upon. Nobody will decide upon the [next] phase independently. I think that everybody wants to end the occupation without blood being shed."

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