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Jun 27, 2012
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Saudi Shiite Cleric Nimr Al-Nimr Rejoices in the Death of Saudi Crown Prince Nayef: "He Will Be Eaten by Worms and Suffer the Torments of Hell in His Grave"

#3483 | 02:31
Source: Online Platforms

Following are excerpts from an address by Saudi Shiite cleric Nimr Al-Nimr, which was posted on the Internet on June 27, 2012.

Nimr Al-Nimr: […] Who are those tyrants? It's all nonsense. So what if they have money and power?

Where is [Crown Prince] Nayef's army now? Will it protect him from the Angel of Death? Where are his intelligence agencies? Where are his officers? Can they protect him from the Angel of Death? He will be eaten by worms and suffer the torments of Hell in his grave.

Why doesn't a king retire when the time comes? Must the Angel of Death come to take his soul? Nayef did not retire, so the Angel of Death had to take his soul to rid us of him.

Imam Hussein said: "No shedder of blood shall enter Paradise." Will Nayef enter Paradise? Some say: "Don't talk ill of Nayef because he's dead." Are you stupid?

Don't you see that the Koran says: "On that day shall the believers rejoice"? Why shouldn't we be happy at the death of the man who imprisoned and killed our children? This is the man who spread fear and terror, so why shouldn't we rejoice?

Allah be praised! May He take their lives, one after the other – the Saud, Khalifa, and Al-Assad dynasties.

The sons of Abd Al-'Aziz will rule this land until Judgment Day – that's what Nayef declared. Let's see how he rules it… Let him rule it from the grave. It is a reckless, tyrannical regime.

Who is the Saud clan? They are killing our brothers in Bahrain. If any good can become of them, let them liberate Palestine from the Zionists, rather than [bully] half a million Bahrainis – good defenseless people.

The [Saud clan] says that they are the "lions of the Sunna." You, the lions of the Sunna? Pffff… Nonsense. They said: "We are the lions of the Sunna facing Iran." Don't make me laugh. You? Facing Iran? The day Saddam entered Kuwait, you all fled and brought the US to defend you.


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