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Nov 14, 2016
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Saudi Marital Consultant Dr. Zahra Al-Muabi: One Wife Is Not Enough; Men Are Capable of Dispensing Love to Four Wives

#5764 | 01:13
Source: Rotana Khalijiya TV (Saudi Arabia)

When asked why a man who loves his wife should turn to polygamy, Dr. Zahra Al-Muabbi, a Saudi family and marital consultant, responded: "One wife is not enough." She said that while the man was created with capabilities "which he can dispense among four wives," a woman "cannot even imagine... talking to another man." In June 2013, Al-Muabi caused an uproar when she said, on Al-Arabiya TV, that if a man beats his wife, she should beat him back.


Following are excerpts



Interviewer: Can a man who really loves his wife turn to polygamy? Some women, as well as some men, ask: "Why does a man have the right to marry one, two, three or four women, even though there is a woman whom he loves and who loves him, and who can make him happy?"



Zahra Al-Muabi: Seriously?! One wife is not enough. Allah created Adam in such a way that he is capable of living with four wives. He has capabilities - of his body, his heart, and his emotions - which he can dispense among four wives. It is different with women. A woman's heart goes to only one man, and she is faithful to that man her entire life. She cannot even imagine betraying him. She cannot even imagine, for example, talking to another man.





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