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Oct 27, 2016
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Saudi Jihadi Leader Al-Muhaysini in Aleppo Salutes Mother and Wife of Suicide Bomber before Sending Him to His Death

#5731 | 01:23
Source: The Internet

In a video posted on the Internet on October 28, Saudi Jihadi cleric Abdallah Al-Muhaysini congratulated Saudi suicide bomber Yunis Al-Qir'awi, saying: "This hero is going to Paradise tonight, in order to marry the beautiful black-eyed virgins." Al-Muhaisiny saluted Al-Qir'awi's mother and wife for his upcoming "wedding" in Paradise. Al-Qir'awi later blew himself up in Aleppo, Syria.


Abdallah Al-Muhaysini: "May Allah bless the mother of 'Abd A-Rahman here, and all our mothers, the mothers of mujahideen in Buraidah and everywhere. Let me congratulate you, because this hero is going to Paradise tonight, where he will marry the beautiful virgins, who are confined to tents.



"I pray to Allah to make this operation a costly one to Allah's enemies, an operation that will bring relief to over 400,000 Muslims, who are languishing under bombardments. Allah will reward all of them.



"I congratulate Yunis' wife, because he will be waiting for you on Judgment Day, and he will usher you into Paradise. By Allah, the martyrs - and the martyrdom-seekers are the greatest of martyrs - are the kindest of people toward their wives, mothers, and children. In this world, you - my mother in Buraidah, as well as (Yunis') mother - need us, but other people can replace us in this world.



"On Judgment Day, however, the only one that you have is someone who has been rewarded for his good deeds (i.e., is in paradise). A martyr can intercede on behalf of 70 relatives (on Judgment Day). May Allah protect you and make you and me steadfast."


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